May 2022


Thesaurus Customer Update: June 2022

Welcome to Thesaurus Software's June update. Our most important news this month include:

Free webinar: Integrate your payroll with Surf Accounts

Discover how you can reduce errors, save time, and streamline your workflow by integrating your payroll software with Surf Accounts. With this integration, you can send payroll journals directly to your accounting software, in just a few clicks.

Free webinar: Streamline your payroll and payments process

Join our upcoming webinar on the 15th of June. We will be joined by Modulr's Tom Kelly, to discuss how you can offer payments as a service to your clients to improve profitability..

5 benefits AccountancyManager can bring to your business

AccountancyManager is an award-winning practice management software that is part of Bright, provider of Thesaurus Payroll Manager. Take a look at our recent blog to discover the benefits of AccountancyManager, and how it can automate your admin and streamline your onboarding process.

Easily manage summer annual leave

Thesaurus Connect takes the stress out of managing annual leave. With a company-wide calendar and employee portal, your clients can easily approve holiday requests, on the go. The leave will automatically be added to the employee calendar and synchronised to the payroll software.

Simplify your bookkeeping processes with Surf Accounts 

Surf Accounts is a cloud bookkeeping software that helps you to streamline accounting processes, and makes it easier for you to keep up with your financial admin. The system offers a dual solution for your invoicing and stock management needs while allowing easy collaboration with your accountant, in real-time.


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May 2022


The Bright Way: Our New Company Values

In 2021, Thesaurus Software and Relate Software merged to become Bright – a payroll and accounting software powerhouse and in 2022 we welcomed our newest addition to the Bright family, AccountancyManager. By operating as Bright, we have access to additional resources to improve the services and support we provide to our customers. Our companies coming together as one community made us want to re-define our company values, values which we believe guide will us in how we behave when interacting not only with our colleagues but also our customers and the wider community within which we live.

To celebrate the official launch of our values and to welcome our colleagues from AccountancyManager and our office in Tallaght, we held a company barbeque last Friday in our head office in Duleek. It was great to bring all our employees together and celebrate the new beginning as Bright.


 The night started with amazing food from AB Catering, followed by music, games, and a speech from our CEO Paul Byrne and COO Kevin McCallum, who outlined our six values outline below and what they mean to Bright.

We centre our business on our customer's needs and work tirelessly to make it easier for them to run their businesses sustainably.

We focus on the development and wellbeing of our people as they are the key to our culture, growth, and customer happiness.

We take pride in delivering our best effort in all that we do, setting and achieving high standards of performance.

We work together across functions and geographies, promoting clear communication to enhance our working relationships and bring the Bright Way to life.

We creatively explore solutions and new ways of thinking so we can be agile and go beyond conventional norms, in an ethical, socially, and sustainable manner.

Our colleagues in our India office unfortunately were unable to attend our BBQ but they held their own amazing launch night in the Kolkata office.

With these values in place we are really looking forward to the company moving forward as Bright and coming together to embody these values.

We would like to thank the HR team for all of their help in making the launch of our new values such a success and to all of our employees for making such an effort to engage with their fellow colleagues. It was a fantastic night, and we are excited to see what the future holds at Bright.

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May 2022


Bright at Accountex 2022

Last week members of our Bright Pay UK and AccountancyManager attended Accountex in the Excel London. Accountex is the UK’s number one exhibition and conference dedicated to the Accountancy and Finance Profession.

This was a great opportunity for both Bright Pay UK and AccountancyManager to showcase our best-in-class software solutions. We also had the opportunity to meet some new and existing customers.

The two-day event generated a lot of leads for both of our teams, Bright Pay and Accountancy Manager. We are looking forward to attending more conferences in the future.

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May 2022


Bright Welcomes Personal Empowerment Specialist, Nicola Connolly Byrne.

On Wednesday we were joined by personal empowerment specialist, Nicola Connolly Byrne. Nicola empowered our Bright employees to be positive and take action towards a confident free life.

Nicola was invited to speak to our Bright employees as part of National Workplace Wellbeing Day which was held on the 29th of April. Nicola presented her 12 steps to a positive mindset to our employees. Some of these steps included smiling and doing a random act of kindness. She ended the presentation with a Q&A, where our staff asked her for a positive mindset book and social media recommendations.

It was great to see our staff engage with Nicola and learn how to have a positive mindset during growth.

Having a positive mindset in the workplace can improve your professional life in many ways. Thinking positively at work may help you stay motivated and work better with others. It can also reduce stress levels, boost productivity and improve problem-solving. Nicola discussed ways in which we can change our attitude to think more positively such as performing self-care, surrounding ourselves with positive people, and practicing gratitude.

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May 2022


How to integrate payroll and HR

In a Censuswide survey of 251 HR and payroll managers, 76% of businesses admitted to failing to pay their employees correctly or on time on one or more occasion. In the 2019 survey it was also revealed that, on average, employees had been paid incorrectly or late four times in the previous twelve months. This failure can sour employee relations and employees may feel they are unable to trust their employers.

Successful businesses are built on relationships and when there is a breakdown of trust, relationships are damaged, and your business may suffer consequently. When a concern arises for an employee, it is often the HR department that they first turn to – including questions and issues to do with pay. Whether or not you think that payroll should be the responsibility of HR personnel, businesses can benefit from integrating the two functions.

Thesaurus Connect is the cloud extension to payroll software, Thesaurus Payroll Manager, that can streamline payroll and HR processes; meaning less work for employers and more peace of mind that your employees’ pay will be accurate. Thesaurus Connect can also help improve communication between you and your employees. Effective communication within organisations has become more important than ever since the COVID-19 outbreak forced many of us to work remotely.

Thesaurus Connect gives you access to an online employer portal from which you can manage employees in many ways. An unlimited number of users can be added, meaning the portal can be accessed safely and securely by any colleagues you wish to allow access. Listed below are eight features of Thesaurus Connect and how these features can benefit employers, HR departments and payroll processers.


1. Payroll Records - Instantly access your employees’ payslips and payroll documents, run your own payroll reports, and view amounts due to Revenue anywhere, any time, through your secure online portal.

2. Employee Self-Service - Invite your employees to an online self-service portal and employee app where they can access their payslip library, request annual leave, access HR documents and update personal contact details. Find out more. Employees can download the employee app on their smartphone or tablet; giving them instant access to their payroll information on the go. The employee app is available to download for free on any Android or iOS device.

3. Employee Records - Employers and managers can keep track of their employees’ basic personal details, which can be updated by employees. This ensures that you have the most accurate and up-to-date details on file for your employees.

4. Employee Calendar - The real-time employee calendar allows you and your colleagues to see, at a glance, who is on leave, when, and whether they are on annual leave, unpaid leave, parenting leave or sick leave.

5. Leave Management - Employees can submit holiday requests with a few simple clicks. Managers will be notified of the request and can view the holiday calendar online before approving, ensuring that you always have sufficient cover.

6. Secure Cloud Storage - When it comes to payroll, data security is extremely important. Payroll information is stored on Microsoft Azure, which is one of the most secure ways to store data.

7. Company Messaging - Whether it is an important memo, the company newsletter, or details of a staff party, the notification system will transform internal communications. All employees can be kept up to date on what is happening in the workplace, regardless of where they are located.

8. HR Documents & Resources - You can share documents and resources with individuals, teams or the whole company at the touch of a button. Track who has viewed circulated documents and who has not.

Book a Thesaurus Connect demo today to learn more about these features and how they can benefit your business.

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May 2022


Celebrating Earth Week at Bright

At Bright, we are committed to a cleaner, greener future for all. Our Duleek office which opened in May 2021 is built to be energy efficient, allowing us to record and monitor our carbon emissions. We have an amazing Green Team that educates, promotes, and inspires sustainability among our colleagues and our customers.

The Green Team members came up with a list of activities to help Bright operate in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Meat Free Monday: A plant-based diet can have a big impact on reducing our carbon footprint. We asked our staff to go vegan or vegetarian for the day or even for just one meal.

Carpool/walk/cycle to work Tuesday: We encouraged our staff to carpool, walk or cycle to work.

Compost Wednesday: We joined Alan at lunchtime he gave us a tutorial on how you can successfully start composting at home. Composting helps restore forests, wetlands, and habitats by improving the poor soil quality. It also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Litter Picking Thursday: At lunch, on Thursday our staff went litter picking around the office and the Duleek Industrial Estate

Save the Bees Talk Friday: Joseph from Trinity College Dublin presented a talk on the importance of bees and their positive effect on our environment to our staff via Microsoft Teams

To add to these events, we are encouraged our staff to make bird feeders from recycled plastic bottles.

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May 2022


Thesaurus Customer Update: May 2022

Welcome to Thesaurus Software's April update. Our most important news this month include:

Free webinar: Broaden your service offering like never before [bureaus]

Tedious payroll tasks such as backing up data, annual leave management and payslip distribution can now be more efficient, thanks to cloud technology. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll be discussing how you can use this technology to automate your workflow, broaden your service offering to clients, and most importantly, increase profits.

Free webinar: Streamline your payroll workflow like never before [employers]

As a busy employer, tedious payroll and HR tasks can now be a thing of the past, thanks to cloud technology. Discover how you can securely back up your data, breeze through annual leave requests and streamline employee communications, in our upcoming webinar this month.

Have you heard the latest news on Auto Enrolment?

Last month, there was an update in the Dáil about Automatic Enrolment, with the system to be set up by 2023 and enrolments to begin as early as 2024. It's important as a business owner to stay ahead of the curve and start preparing for automatic enrolment now. Here’s everything you need to know so far.

Improve employee satisfaction with their own self-service app

It’s time to modernise your business with an employee self-service app. The benefits?

  • A payslip hub where employees can access their payslip history 24/7 at the tap of a button.
  • Employees can change their own personal details that automatically sync to the payroll software.
  • Employees can request annual leave through the in-app company calendar.

Integrate with Surf Accounts for a smoother and easier workflow 

Send your payroll figures directly to the general ledger in Surf Accounts thanks to the power of API technology. This allows both software to communicate with one another, providing you with a smooth and seamless payroll workflow. Save time, hassle, and unnecessary workloads. Click the link below to register for our upcoming webinar and to learn more about how this integration works.


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