Jan 2021


Thesaurus Connect – It's better than ever before!

We are committed to consistently improving our software to better serve your needs and enhance your customer experience. This year we have introduced many new features to Thesaurus Connect, including improved multi-user / working from home functionality and an extra layer of security.

Version checking when opening a payroll file

When you open the payroll, Thesaurus Payroll Manager in tandem with Thesaurus Connect will check to see if there is a more up to date version of the employer file, for example, if the payroll was last updated on a different computer. If a more up to date version is available, you will be given the option to use the latest version, or you may also decide to ignore the latest version and continue working on the version that you are trying to open.

‘Other users’ checking when opening a payroll file

When you open the payroll, Thesaurus Payroll Manager will notify you if someone else is still working on the same employer. The software can notify you when the other user closes out of the payroll, and it will also tell the other user that you are waiting to access the payroll. This new functionality will allow for a completely seamless working from home process where there are multiple people that work on the same employer files.

Define and set custom leave types

Custom leave types are now available in Thesaurus Connect. When a custom leave type is entered, the leave type will be displayed on the calendar for both the employer and the employee to view on their online portal or mobile app. Custom leave can only be entered on an employee’s calendar by a user in Connect. Employees cannot request any custom leave types. Please note: You cannot edit the custom leave types in Thesaurus Connect, they are preset.

Improved calendar functionality

The calendar functionality in Thesaurus Connect has been updated and improved, making it more user friendly and graphically appealing for both employers and employees. Improvements such as calendar and leave view, custom leave types and requesting leave are part of the new enhancements.


Book a demo of Thesaurus Connect today to discover more features that can help you streamline your payroll and HR processes.

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Nov 2017


What's new for Thesaurus Payroll Manager

Payroll Bureaus

Thesaurus Payroll Manager 2018 is now available to purchase online. We’re delighted to introduce our new features that will help you get the very best payroll experience yet. Here’s a peek at a few changes we are very excited about:

Direct emailing of reports: Bureaus will have the ability to email key payroll reports and a single PDF document containing all employee payslips directly from within Thesaurus Payroll Manager. This will save you time each pay period for each client, compared to the work involved in exporting, saving the files and emailing them to clients.

Getting ready for PAYE Modernisation: PAYE Modernisation will be effective from 1st January 2019 allowing for PAYE reporting to be submitted to Revenue in real time. By operating in real time, Revenue can ensure that the correct tax deduction is being made at the right time for every employee. Thesaurus Payroll Manager will have full functionality to seamlessly handle PAYE Modernisation. We’ve already begun to work directly with Revenue to streamline the PAYE Modernisation process. Find out more.

Illness Benefit: Illness Benefit will be taxable through the P2C file from 1st January 2018 and this will result in more frequent P2Cs being issued for employees. 

Thesaurus Payroll Manager 2018 is getting ready for Illness Benefit changes and PAYE Modernisation:

  • Thesaurus Payroll Manager 2018 gives much more priority to the P2C download process, keeping a log of all imports and reminding you when P2Cs have not been imported.
  • To prepare you for the new reality, where payrolls will be required to be processed in real time, we have included a “Late Payrolls” button to help identify those payrolls that are falling behind.
  • Your own processes will probably need to be more streamlined with real time submissions, so we have added (and will continue to add) automated client emailing from within the software. The initial version of 2018 will include this for the payroll preview report, the payroll summary report and the P30 report.
  • The 2018 release will also include emailing of a single pdf document containing all payslips.
  • Towards the latter half of 2018, Revenue will ask you to submit a list of employees for each employer through ROS. The ability to prepare this file is also part of our initial 2018 release. 

We will bring you further updates throughout 2018, in many cases via free CPD webinars (which will also help with your structured CPD requirements). Register for our next free PAYE Modernisation webinars here.

Thesaurus Connect: Our latest cloud add-on introduces powerful features including:

  • Secure online backup.
  • Employee self-service to access payslips & request holiday leave.
  • Client dashboard to view payroll reports, annual leave requests and employee details.
  • HR & Annual Leave Management.
  • Bureau discounts up to 75%.


Book a demo today.


Employee Gift Cards: In the last year, we’ve been working with OneforAll to offer your clients the ability to securely purchase gift cards for their employees. Orders are delivered in a plain envelope, addressed to the employer, with all gift cards enclosed. Find out more.

Payroll Journal Export: Export a payroll journal where your compatible files can be easily exported. Each payroll journal file is customised to the individual accounts software provider for easy upload.


End of year webinar

Our highly experienced support professionals have put together this free webinar covering the year end procedures within Thesaurus Payroll Manager.

Register 6 Dec | Register 23 Jan


Free PAYE Modernisation Webinar

PAYE Modernisation is probably the biggest overhaul of the PAYE system since PAYE itself was introduced back in 1960. It will have wide ranging effects on all employers across Ireland.

24 Jan - Employer Webinar | 25 Jan - Bureau CPD Webinar




Thesaurus Payroll Manager 

BrightPay Payroll Manager


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Nov 2017


2018 and Beyond

With GDPR kicking in next May and PAYE Modernisation going live in January 2019, accountants and other bureau payroll providers will have a lot to contend with.

PAYE Modernisation will involve major process changes for many of your clients (just to ensure that a file is submitted to Revenue on or before the payroll date). Ensuring that payrolls are processed using the most up to date tax credits and cut off point information is also an essential part of the new system.

Because Illness Benefit becomes taxable through the P2C file from January 2018, ensuring that you use the most recent P2Cs will become a must before each and every pay run from as soon as January 2018.

We have been busy making updates to Thesaurus Payroll Manager 2018 to better prepare you for all of the above changes. Here is a quick outline of the software changes that we have made for 2018. These changes are in addition to those which cater for Budget 2018.



Password retrieval is now an automated process which will require a recovery email address for each payroll client.

We have added a bit more file encryption so that you will be better protected if your system is compromised, your laptop is stolen or a memory stick goes missing.

You may be aware that our recent year end upgrade includes a feature whereby backup files can be securely sent to our support staff, should it be required to help with a support query.

Optionally, our cloud add on, Thesaurus Connect, will enable you to backup securely to a secure European Azure server and restore securely from that server to your payroll. Thesaurus Connect will also provide you with the added benefit of giving your clients and their employees direct access to their personal data, ensuring transparency and assisting with Data Subject Requests.


PAYE Modernisation and Illness Benefit Changes

Thesaurus Payroll Manager 2018 gives much more priority to the P2C download process, also keeping a log of all imports and reminding you when P2Cs have not been imported.

To prepare you for the new reality, where payrolls will be required to be processed in real time, we have included a “Late Payrolls” button to help identify those payrolls that are falling behind. This will be particularly useful where you have hundreds of payroll clients.

Knowing that your own processes will probably need to be more streamlined with real time submissions, we have added (and will continue to add) automated client emailing from within the software. Our initial 2018 release will include this for the payroll preview report. It will also include emailing of a single pdf document containing all payslips, the emailing of the P30 and emailing of the payroll summary report. It should be noted that these emails are transmitted securely through our Thesaurus servers and do not require third party software. This is the same system that our payslip emailing currently uses.

Towards the latter half of 2018, Revenue will ask you to submit a list of employees for each employer through ROS. The ability to prepare this file is in our initial 2018 release. The file is required by Revenue for data alignment. Their aim is to have knowledge of the correct employment details for as many employees as possible when PAYE Modernisation goes live.

At Thesaurus Software we plan to help you with PAYE Modernisation as much as we can. We have already been through these changes in the UK and can use this experience to help address issues before they arise.

We will bring you further updates throughout 2018, in many cases via free webinars (which will also help with your structured CPD requirements). Register for our next free webinars here.

We will begin testing the new real time systems with Revenue from April 2018 and we’ll keep you appraised of our progress.

Finally, we have included a few more importers should any of your clients (or colleagues) choose to move from other payroll software.



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Oct 2017


Are you ready for PAYE Modernisation?

To raise awareness about forthcoming PAYE Modernisation in 2019, Revenue has commenced its awareness campaign by releasing an information leaflet “PAYE Modernisation – Are You Ready”. 
This leaflet highlights the vital steps for new and existing employers to undertake in advance of 1st January 2019, in order to succeed in the imminent taxation system revolution.

The key idea behind PAYE Modernisation is that all communication between employer and Revenue will happen in “real time”. In order to effectively overcome the upcoming challenges, employers are being encouraged to focus on the quality and accuracy of the data they provide to Revenue.

In preparation for PAYE Modernisation, employers are advised to follow several easy steps to guarantee its overall success when it does come into effect in 2019:

  • Register as an employer (for new employers)
  • Verify the PPSN provided by employees (e.g. check it against a Public Services Card, P45 or other Revenue or DSP correspondence) and where the employee does not hold a PPSN, they should contact the DSP to apply for one.
  • Register all employees with Revenue (i.e. P45(3) or P46 where the employee has no P45). Where the new employee has not worked in Ireland before, the employee must register the employment online using the Jobs and Pension service available in myAccount. The Jobs and Pension service can also be used by employees who are changing from one employment to another. Once the employment has been registered, Revenue will issue a tax credit certificate.
  • Issue a P45 when an employee ceases employment and submit it to Revenue.
  • Ensure an up-to-date tax credit certificate has been received for each employee. The leaflet outlines the basis of tax which should be applied on the first payday of a new tax year in the event that an up-to-date tax credit certificate for that year is not received.
  • Ensure a complete PAYE, PRSI and USC record for each employee is held at the end of the tax year.


At Thesaurus Software & BrightPay, we have always strived to deliver excellence in customer service and professional expertise in both Irish and UK payroll. We widely welcome the upcoming PAYE changes. As Paul Byrne, director of Thesaurus Software Ltd, stated during the Revenue's public consultation process held in December 2016:

“Whatever system is adopted, it is important that it represents a step forward for all parties. We are already committed to not charging our customers for the additional development involved. In addition, we are considering making a free version of our software available for micro employers, those with one or two employees.”

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Sep 2017


Key Features you need to know about Thesaurus Connect

Thesaurus Connect is our latest cloud add-on that works alongside Thesaurus Payroll Manager. Automatically store payroll information in the cloud and enable online access anywhere, anytime for payroll bureaus, employers and employees. You’ll be up and running in seconds.


Secure online Backup

  • Automatically synchronise and backup data to the cloud protecting against ransomware and cyber attacks.


Bureau / Client Dashboard

  • Online access to clients’ payroll information.
  • Invite clients to their own online dashboard which can be branded with your bureau’s logo. 
  • Clients can access payslips, payroll reports, annual leave requests, amounts due to Revenue and employee documents.


Employer Dashboard

  • Online access to your payroll information. 
  • Invite your accountant to instantly access your payroll data 24/7. 
  • Access all employees payslips, payroll reports, annual leave requests, amounts due to Revenue, and employee documents.


Employee Self Service Portal

  • Invite employees to their own online portal.
  • Employees can view and download payslips, P60’s and P45’s. 
  • Easily submit holiday requests.


HR & Annual Leave Management

  • View all upcoming leave in the new online company wide calendar. 
  • Authorise leave requests to update the calendar. 
  • Upload HR documents including employee contracts and handbooks.


Book a demo today to see how Thesaurus Connect can meet your payroll processing.




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Jul 2017


Revenue moves to PAYE Modernisation / Real Time Reporting

Following the announcement in last October’s Budget 2016, Revenue entered a consultation on the modernisation of the PAYE system.

Revenue’s proposal is that employers will report pay, tax and other deductions at the same time as they process and finalise their payroll. Similar to Real Time Information (RTI) in the UK, details of employees starting or leaving employment will be reported on the date of commencement/cessation and will eliminate the filing of P30, P35 and P45 forms.

Although, many businesses across Ireland have broadly welcomed the forthcoming introduction, some smaller businesses have expressed concern about the additional administrative burden due to poor internet access and the additional hours it may involve. Many businesses will be a risk as they have not invested in payroll software where they calculate their payroll manually.

Last April Revenue disclosed that it received 77 submissions to the consultation which represented a broad range of interests, both from large and small companies. For larger employers, the transition will be relatively straightforward, but Revenue is looking at alternatives to accommodate smaller employers, in particular, those who may still process their payroll manually.

IBEC state that while most of its members welcome the change, it is important that the system is flexible. A professional services group also warned that the work involved for employers to prepare for the implementation of PAYE modernisation / Real Time Reporting (RTR) should not be underestimated.

Thesaurus Software / BrightPay Ireland already has the experience and expertise in developing the same real time features and functions for our UK customers. We are already collaborating with Revenue to ensure the transition for our customers to Real Time Reporting (RTR) / PAYE modernisation is smooth, user-friendly and ready for implementation in January 2019.

For further information, Revenue have provided the following link:


Interested in finding out more about PAYE Modernisation? Register now for our free PAYE Modernisation webinar. Click here to find out more.

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May 2014


Eircodes - the new postcodes for Ireland

Every address in Ireland will receive its unique Eircode in Spring 2015.

"The Eircodes will help the public, businesses and public bodies to locate every individual address in the State. Eircodes will bring many benefits to the daily lives of people, householders and businesses. Currently, around 35% of addresses - mainly in rural areas - do not have a unique name or number in their address. With Eircodes, delivery of services and goods will be much easier and quicker to these addresses." - www.eircode.ie

When people receive their Eircode next year, they will not need to change their address. They will just add the Eircode whenever it is needed or useful, so it will be very easy to start using it straight away.

Each Eircode has seven-characters that are unique to each mailing address. The seven characters are divided into two parts – a Routing Key and a Unique Identifier.

For businesses, some of the main things to consider are:

  • Stationery, customer forms, websites and other places where your address is shown. Perhaps, plan print stocks of existing stationery items accordingly in the run up to Eircode Launch Date in Spring 2015.
  • If you use a software package in your business, you will need to check with its supplier as to their plans for when and how they intend to incorporate Eircodes into the package.
  • Some staff training may be needed especially if your systems or processes have changed somewhat to take advantage of Eircodes.

Our software offerings will all be updated to include an extra address field for eircodes and will incorporate all the required validation logic.

BrightPay - Payroll Software

Bright Contracts - Employment Contracts and Handbooks

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Dec 2012


2013 Solutions Plus - A Host of New Features

We are always improving on our software and Solutions Plus is no exception!

Customer feedback and end user functionality forms the main platform for improvement of Solutions Plus.

2013 sees new features and improvements, such as:

  • Dropbox integration
  • Process icons for easier access to most commonly used functions
  • Electronic Payment to suppliers by bank transfer
  • Constant display of the last five transactions posted
  • Additional reports included
  • Display enhancements

Once the Budget has been announced and Solutions Plus is upgraded to incorporate any relevant budgetary measures the 2013 version will be available. It is expected that this will be before the new year.

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Dec 2012


Solutions Plus - Dropbox (Cloud) Functionality Now Automated

The 2013 version of Solutions Plus will facilitate the automatic transfer of your data to a Dropbox folder.

This means that all computers (or users) that have access to this particular online folder will always have the latest data.  You are in control - you can add and remove users as your team changes or you can create multiple folders to restrict access to certain data files.

Registering with Dropbox is easy. It is also free if you do not plan to use more than 2 gigabytes. To put this in context you could handle the accounts data for more than one thousand companies and still remain within the 2 gig limit.

Dropbox will create a folder on your hard disk. Anything you place in this folder will then sync to a remote folder in Dropbox’s secure server. If you have another computer setup with Dropbox, the data transferred from the first computer to Dropbox’s server will then copy to the Dropbox folder on the second computer.

You can use Dropbox as the shared location of Solutions Plus company data files so that these data files are accessible by any computer with Internet access.  The added advantage is that you can access the data files remotely from your laptop when you are visiting clients, or working remotely.

One huge advantage of Dropbox is that a copy of your data is stored remotely, thereby automatically providing a backup.

A lesser known feature of Dropbox, which can be quite useful, is the ability to go back in time. Dropbox will hold up to 6 versions of any file.

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Dec 2012


IXbrl - Mandatory Rollout Planned by Revenue for October 2014

iXbrl is a means of submitting accounts information electronically.

Revenue has announced that filing of accounts in this manner will be mandatory for large cases from October 2013 and for all other cases from October 2014.

As the information included within an iXbrl submission is more comprehensive for small companies than required through the present system of accounts extracts, we do not believe that businesses will wish to opt in to iXbrl until such time as it is mandatory.

We intend to roll out iXbrl functionality in Solutions Plus in early 2014.

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