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Adding a company using a Revenue P2C File

Thesaurus Payroll Manager facilitates the setting up of both your company and employees at the same time using a Revenue P2C File. 

To access this utility go to File > Create Company from Revenue P2C file:

  • Click Select Tax Credit File

  • Select the P2C file that has been exported from ROS  e.g. p2cExport_4000081L_ALL.csv or p2cExport_4000081L_AMD.csv

  • Highlight the P2C file

  • Click Open

  • The program will read the company details from the P2C file, identify the file to you and ask if you would like the company set up.  Click Yes to set up the company.
You will be prompted to click NEXT to continue to complete the Company set up.
  • The Company Name will be completed from the P2C file.

  • Enter the Company Address as shown on Revenue returns.

  • Click Next to proceed

  • Check that the Employer Registered Number shown is correct. Amend if necessary or click Next to proceed.  (The employer registered number is normally 7 digits and 1 or 2 letters and is often the same as your VAT number.)

  • Click Next to proceed

  • If you wish to run fortnightly payroll instead of weekly payroll, tick the box provided to indicate this.You will be able to run a combination of either Fortnightly & Monthly payroll OR Weekly & Monthly payroll but NOT Weekly & Fortnightly.

  • Set up a Password to restrict access to the payroll program to make it secure.  Enter a password of your own choosing in both boxes - your password must be 4 alpha/numeric characters e.g. Pass, 1234, AB12.

  • Click Finish once a password has been entered.


  • Next, indicate which pay frequency you wish to place your employees on - weekly, monthly or both if you have employees under both pay frequencies.

  • All employees will be listed in the box provided. If any employees have left your employment, these employees can be removed using the << button. 

  • To replace an employee that has been removed in error, simply highlight the employee's name and click the >> button.

  • Please note that any employees not listed on the Revenue P2C file can be added later.

  • When all amendments are complete and the employee list is correct, click Finish.

  • It is important to note that the Revenue P2C file does not contain a PRSI class for each employee - therefore the software will set the PRSI class at A1. This can be amended by going to Employees> Add/Amend employee details > Revenue details.


The set up of your company and employees from the Revenue P2C file is complete.

You should now proceed to Employees > Add/Amend Employees to complete the additional information for each employee that is not contained within the P2C file such as:


  • Date of Birth
  • Gross Periodical Pay / Hourly Rate
  • Pay Method (Bank details if they are to be paid by credit transfer)
  • PRSI Class etc.




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