Downloading Thesaurus Payroll Manager 2018

Downloading the software:

  • Click the relevant link in the email i.e. standard or bureau
  • Follow the browser prompts, if asked do you want to 'run' or 'save', click 'run' and follow the payroll setup wizard
  • Once the download is complete the software will launch, bureau users must enter the unlock code as per their invoice to proceed

Importing from Thesaurus Payroll Manager 2017:

  • If there is only one company on your 2017 Thesaurus Payroll Manager, you will see the following message when the 2018 Thesaurus Payroll Manager launches:



  • Click 'OK', your company and employee details will be imported automatically
  • If there is more than one company on your 2017 Thesaurus Payroll Manager, select 'Import from last year's payroll'. Alternatively, go to 'File > Import files from 2017'.



  • Select the location of your 2017 Thesaurus Payroll Manager > Choose an employer > click the right arrow to create the employer file in Thesaurus Payroll Manager 2018. Repeat the process for all relevant employers. 



  • Standard users can enter the unlock code as per their invoice or select 'Continue free trial'


Importing/Updating from Revenue P2C File:

  • Once the P2C file has been exported from ROS, go to the ROS menu within Thesaurus Payroll Manager or Process Icon No. 2
  • Choose 'P2C'
  • Select 'Update from Revenue Tax Credit/P2C File'
  • Thesaurus Payroll Manager will search for saved P2C files
  • If Thesaurus Payroll Manager finds the P2C file simply double click on it
  • If a P2C file cannot be found, use the 'locate file' option to locate the P2C file
  • The contents of the P2C file will be displayed on screen
  • Click 'Print P2C Details' to print a file copy 
  • Click 'Update' to update the employees’ Revenue details as per the P2C file


To watch our VIDEO on Importing P2C files from ROS, click here

First Pay Period:

  • When the P2C file has been imported you are ready to proceed with your first periodic update
  • Help on processing payroll can be found by going to Help > Getting Started 
  • A comprehensive built in help file can be accessed by pressing F1 within the software

Need help? Support is available at 01 8352074 or

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