Our 2021 payroll software is available for download here.

Setting up Additions

To access this utility, go to Process ICON no. 1:

or Employees > Add/Amend Employees:

Within the employee record, select the 'Additions' tab:

Please note: before proceeding you must first determine if the addition you wish to set up for an employee is 'taxable' or 'non taxable'. 

Taxable Additions (Commission, Bonus etc)


  • Enter a Description of the Taxable Addition e.g. bonus

  • Enter the Amount

  • If this is a once off addition, remember to revert the amount entered to zero in the next pay period


Non-Taxable Additions (Subsistence, Mileage etc)


  • Enter a Description of the Non-Taxable Addition e.g. subsistence, mileage etc.

  • Enter the Amount

  • If this is a once off addition, remember to revert the amount entered to zero in the next pay period

  • Click Update to save the employee information


All additions entered will appear separately on the employee's payslip.



Specifying end dates for Additions


A utility is available within the software which allows you to specify a date on which a particular addition should end.

For assistance with this, click here


Need help? Support is available at 01 8352074 or support@thesaurus.ie.

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