PAYE Modernisation, Three Months On!! New Year, New Payroll Legislation

Thursday, 14 March, 2019
11.00 am
Online - At your desk
1.5 hours

The introduction of the PAYE Modernisation on the 1st January saw updates to the way employers send and submit payroll information through to Revenue. PAYE Modernisation has brought with it new and more stringent rules around when and how often we send payroll data to Revenue. All employers, regardless of size, need to comply with PAYE Modernisation processes from the first pay period in 2019 and submit the information to Revenue each time an employee is being paid in real time.

PAYE Modernisation, Three Months On!! New Year, New Payroll Legislation

We are pleased that Sinead Sweeney - PAYE Modernisation Change Manager at Revenue - will be joining us to discuss what has happened since PAYE Modernisation has gone live and what challenges businesses are facing.

Our webinars are aimed at giving you an overview of how real time reporting works, the benefits of this new system and how to make sure your business is PAYE Modernisation compliant. We will peel back the PAYE Modernisation legislation to outline clearly how PAYE Modernisation affects the payroll process and what is expected from you in 2019 and going forward.

We will also take you through a demo of how the PAYE Modernisation process is automated in our payroll software products - Thesaurus Payroll Manager and BrightPay.


  • What is PAYE Modernisation and how to comply
  • How PAYE Modernisation will streamline your processes 
  • What are the benefits of PAYE Modernisation
  • Recent updates and changes to PAYE Modernisation
  • Reporting to Revenue in real time
  • Making corrections to the payroll
  • The approach to non-compliance and penalties
  • How Thesaurus Payroll Manager & BrightPay are supporting your PAYE Modernisation journey.
Paul Byrne

Paul Byrne

FCA, MMII, ACIPP, Managing Director at Thesaurus Software Ltd. and formerly an accountant in practice

Guest Speaker: Revenue

We are delighted to be joined by our guest speaker Sinead Sweeney, who is the PAYE Modernisation Change Manager at Revenue. 


The webinar is CPD accredited for accountants and payroll bureaus. The webinar takes place on 14th March at 11.00 am and is free to attend.

If you are unable to attend the webinar at the specified time, simply register and we will send you the recording afterwards.

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Sinead Sweeney

Sinead Sweeney

PAYE Modernisation Change Manager, Revenue Commissioners.