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Niall McArdle

A day in the life...


When I first joined BrightPay, from day 1 I was given the option of either starting my day of work at 9am or 8:30am. I’m a morning person myself so I chose the latter with an end time of 5pm. Given the earlier start, my morning starts with a rather large bucket of tea, some radio & checking my inbox for new queries from prospects. A couple of times a week (Tuesdays & Fridays) we have a short team meeting at 9am where we discuss what we have planned for the week ahead and then how the week unfolded. Around 9:30am, I start hitting the phones by following up with new prospects who have just attended one of our free online demos and exploring why it is they are considering a new payroll provider & of course BrightPay. Then afterwards, checking in with those in my pipeline who are in the middle of using our free trial and making sure they have all that they need. From noon onwards, I revert to my inbox to check if I have any new queries and brings me up until lunch.


At 1 pm, normally I would venture into kitchen at our office the fully stocked fridge at our office and make myself a wrap and chat with the others. Now working from home, I pop the kettle on and go for a short walk afterwards to get some fresh air.


With most people now back at their desk including myself, I start picking up the phone once more and then emails thereafter. Part of my job is to also showcase our payroll solution to businesses via video calls which I often schedule for in the afternoons if possible. The whole point being to give them a glimpse at how our solution can make their lives easier all the while answering any questions that come to them. Some of our prospects are bureaus such as accountancy firms who will have more queries given that they will be using our solution for multiple clients/payrolls. Once the clock strikes 4pm, I ensure any queries in my inbox are cleared before close of business and check my calendar to see what I need to have ready for the next day. As well, once a week we have an hour set aside for learning & development on topics which relates to the role you are in which is fantastic for one’s career. Lastly, the company and my team organise meet-ups now & again for after work which are always a lot of fun.