2021 Connect Pricing

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Number of employees:

Monthly cost:          € 3.90

Our Connect Pricing is based on usage. You only pay for what you use.

Once signed up for a Connect account, you will be invoiced monthly in arrears through our new online billing system.

You will be charged per employee on your payroll. Once an employee has left, you will no longer be charged for them.

There are no contracts or ties. Should you decide to stop using Connect, no notice is required.

Bureaus will be charged per total number of employees across all connected employers. e.g. A bureau looking after 100 connected employers, each with 10 active employees - monthly price is calculated based on 1,000 employees i.e. €157.70 per month (equivalent to €1.57 per employer per month - also equivalent to €0.15 per employee per month)

All prices are excluding VAT.