How Thesaurus Connect is helping with GDPR

Our add-on, Thesaurus Connect is an online payroll and HR self-service tool that offers significant benefits to help your business or practice comply with GDPR legislation. Accountants, employers and employees can instantly access their payroll information, enabling many routine payroll and HR related tasks to be automated.

Employees can easily view their own payroll and HR data in a secure environment online via a web browser anytime and anywhere. The Thesaurus Connect self-service features help you to spend less time managing the day-to-day admin of payroll and HR. Thesaurus Connect significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of payroll work within the remit of the GDPR guidelines.

The biggest GDPR advantages of Thesaurus Connect are:

Bureau / Employer Dashboard

Accountants and employers can access their payroll information on the self-service dashboard at any time. Thesaurus Connect provides a remote and secure online portal to payslips, payroll reports, amounts due to Revenue, annual leave requests and employee contact details. The online dashboard allows for an easy and secure way for accountants and employers to share documents, upload HR documents and get client timesheet approval electronically.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Invite employees to their own self-service online portal which can be accessed through a smartphone app or any browser. Thesaurus Connect provides employees with direct access to his or her personal data offering cloud protection. Employees can securely view and download payslips & P60s, view P45s, easily submit holiday requests and view leave taken and leave remaining.

Secure Cloud Backup

It is important to keep a copy of payroll files safe and protected in the event of fire, theft, damaged computers or cyber-attacks. Thesaurus Connect is powered using the latest web technologies and hosted on Microsoft Azure for ultimate performance, reliability and scalability. Thesaurus Connect maintains a chronological history of all backups which can be restored or downloaded anytime, keeping client payroll records safely stored.

24/7 Online Access

Thesaurus Connect allows mobile and online access to payroll data anytime and anywhere for both employers and employees. This fulfils the GDPR best practice recommendation to provide remote access to a secure system where individuals have direct access to their personal payroll data. For payroll bureaus, the cloud flexibility enables a superior client collaboration and gives instant value to your client relationships.

Integration with Payroll

Thesaurus Connect is integrated with Thesaurus Payroll Manager. Changes to employee contact details, employee payslips and payroll reports can be easily updated on Thesaurus Connect from the payroll software.

HR & Annual Leave Management

Employers can view all upcoming leave in the company-wide calendar. Employers or HR managers can easily authorise leave requests. Employers can upload sensitive HR documents such as contracts of employment, with the ability to restrict certain users from accessing confidential information.

Customer Testimonials

“I am extremely impressed with the quality of the product, the excellent friendly customer support, and the pricing structure. The Connect self-service platform is fantastic for delivering reports and payslips by secure means.”

Michael Wilson, Meiring Chartered Certified Accountants
“Oh my goodness, not only do we love Connect, but our clients and their employees love it too! One of our clients is new to Connect this year so he asked for instructions to be emailed to the staff. I emailed them out within about 10 minutes but it was already too late; the employees had already got themselves up & running. If that’s not a testimonial to how easy it is to use, I don’t know what is!”

Annamarie Angell, Deadline Accounting Ltd
“I've got to say Connect is one of the best payroll portals I have used! I really like the new documents feature and I have been using it quite a bit recently. I'm really looking forward to the timesheet function too.”

Kevin Waller, Strutt and Parker LLP