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Yes! You will never catch us charging for expensive support packages or trying to profit from your need for help. We have been developing software for over 20 years and have always believed in free support. It's best for our customers and motivates us to create easy to use, problem-free software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for your unlock code?

The standard version of the software will function for 3 weekly updates or 1 monthly update without an unlock code.  If you have purchased the software, your unlock code can be found on your invoice.  All information entered on the trial version is retained and is accessible when the unlock code is entered.

My new company is on the wrong period number, how can this be changed?

When you manually add your first employee/create a company using a Revenue P2C file, you are asked to indicate your first period number.  This can be changed prior to processing payroll.

To change the start period number go to Help > About Thesaurus Payroll > Press F8 (Function Key 8) > Enter the correct start period number > Select OK


How do you change an employee's surname?

  • Go to Employees > Add/Amend Employees > Select the relevant employee from the ‘Surname’ drop down menu 
  • Left click at the end of the employee’s surname so that it is no longer highlighted in blue
  • Without deleting the original surname, type in the new surname directly after the old surname
  • Using your mouse or arrow keys on your keyboard, place your cursor between the two surnames
  • Use your ‘backspace’ button on your keyboard to delete the old surname
  • When only the new surname remains in the surname field, click update to save your changes

Is it possible to print a list of employee names and PPS numbers only?

Yes there is  quick and convenient way to generate a report of employee names and PPS numbers only.  

This report can be found within Employees > Add/Amend Employee  > Print List.

Similarly, to print all information for an individual employee you can go to Employees > Add/Amend Employees > Select Employee > Print.

How do you pay holiday pay in advance?

Should you wish to pay a weekly-paid employee holiday pay in advance, this can be done within Payslips > Weekly Input or Payroll Preview/ Quick Edit

  • Go to Payslips > Weekly Input
  • Enter Holiday Pay amount 
  • Enter number of weeks holidays being paid in advance (this ensures tax credits, insurable weeks etc are allocated for holidays weeks) 


  • Go to Payslips > Payroll Preview/Quick Edit
  • Double click on the employee due the holiday pay 
  • Enter Holiday Pay amount
  • Enter number of weeks holidays being paid in advance (this ensures tax credits, insurable weeks etc are allocated for holiday weeks) 

Please note: if there are any deductions set up for the employee e.g. pension deductions, these will automatically increment for the holiday weeks.  Should you wish to turn off this automatic adjustment to deductions, this can done within ‘File > Amend Company Details’.

How do you print historical payslips for an employee?

Should an employee request historical payslips from a certain period, these can all be printed at the same time.

Go to Payslips > Print/Email Payslips > select one of the following payslip types:

  • 2 per page (high resolution)
  • 2 per page (low resolution)
  • Irish Language Payslip

Highlight the employee name and click Print Employee History

Enter the period number you wish to print from, payslips will print from the period indicated to the most recent period processed.

Is it possible to move Thesaurus Payroll Manager from one PC to another?

Yes, there are two options available to transfer Thesaurus Payroll Manager from one PC to another:

  • Transfer using backup file
  • Transfer using the installation folder

Please note, if using the Bureau Version/moving multiple years, the most convenient option is the transfer using the installation folder.

For dedicated help, please see the links below:

Transfer using the installation folder

Transfer using a backup file


An employee is in receipt of Illness Benefit, how do I process this?

Illness Benefit is subject to PAYE only, it is not subject to USC or PRSI.

Since 1st January 2018, employers are no longer required to tax Illness Benefit through the payroll.

Since this date, Revenue will adjust the employee's tax credits and cut off points via the Tax Credit Certificate/P2C file. Revenue will receive real-time interfaces of taxable Illness Benefit from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP).

As a result of this change there will be more frequent P2Cs for employees. While employers are no longer responsible for taxing Illness Benefit through the payroll, it is extremely important to implement amended P2Cs immediately.

In addition, since 1st January 2018 Illness Benefit letters will no longer be delivered to the ROS Inbox.

Prior to 1st January 2018, employers were responsible for collecting PAYE due on Illness Benefit issued to employees.


McAfee Anti Virus

Some McAfee users may experience issues when downloading Payroll Manager. Our software is digitally signed and may need to be allowed through your antivirus to run.