Dec 2012


2012 Payroll Year-End Upgrade Now Available

The 2012 payroll year-end upgrade is now available!

2012 P60
New for 2012 we have added the function to email P60s to your employees directly from your payroll software, similar to the email payslip option that we introduced in the initial release of the 2012 payroll. PAYE regulation states that P60s must be 'made available' to employees, Revenue have confirmed that an email copy of the P60 is an acceptable method of issuing P60s to employees.

If you wish to print your P60s this option is still available, as Revenue are no longer supplying P60 stationery, Revenue allows the printing of the P60 to blank A4 paper which is facilitated within the payroll.

You need only give one copy of the P60 to each employee.

ROS will accept the submission of the correct 2012 format P35 from 24th November.

If your P35 file contains negative USC figures for any of your employees then you must wait until 28th January 2013 to submit your P35. If you attempt to submit your P35 prior to this date ROS will give you an error message. To check if this is the reason for the failed ROS submission then simply go to the year-end menu and view the P35 spreadsheet to check if any of your employees has a total negative USC figure.

Our ROS P35 feature will include video help offering a step by step guide to creating and submitting your ROS P35. This video will be available from the start of January.


How to upgrade your 2012 payroll software
You should have received the upgrade message on launching the payroll software in the last week, if you have not received this message then simply go to the 'Help' menu and select 'Check for updates' to see if you are on the latest version. We have also sent you a reminder email.

Once you see the upgrade message, you should upgrade. Upgrading will only take a couple of minutes. If you have installed your payroll software to somewhere other than the default location, this other location will be stated in the upgrade message. Make a note of this location as you will be asked for it during the upgrade procedure.

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