Dec 2012


Bright Contracts, Our New Employment Contracts Software, is Now Helping Hundreds of Employers

We launched Bright Contracts in June 2012 after two gruelling years of research and development.

Our aim with the software was to make it really easy for an employer to prepare employee contracts and company handbooks. We also wanted to make sure that it would always be current complying to legislative and changes in best practice.

We partnered with employment law experts to make sure we got it right!

A lot of Irish employers are in breach of employment legislation by not having these documents in place.  This can now be rectified for €129 and a small bit of your time.

Without employment contracts in place, an employer is risking large settlements in the case of staff disputes, and fines in the case of regulatory inspections. Putting employee contracts and handbooks in place clearly defines the terms under which the employer employee relationship is to operate giving clear guidance to what is expected of employees - this makes good business sense!

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