Dec 2012


BrightPay UK - RTI ready for April 2013

What is RTI?

From April 2013, UK payroll is changing. Employers will report their payroll information to HMRC in real time, on or before every payday. This will replace the current method of reporting payroll information at year-end alone. The new system is called Real Time Information (RTI).

HMRC has already started notifying employers about the implementation of RTI, explaining what needs to be done to prepare for the change and ensure a smooth transition.  Most employers will be required to report payroll under this new scheme from April 2013.


BrightPay UK 2013/14 will be RTI ready!

All necessary functionality to operate RTI for your payroll will be provided in the same simple and user-friendly manner you've come to expect. BrightPay 2013/14 will be available to download for new and existing customers before April 2013. We'll keep you up to date between now and then with the latest information, including an overview of how RTI will work in BrightPay 2013/14.

Keep an eye on for updates.

Unlike most of our competitors, there will be NO price increase for BrightPay 2013/14 or additional charges for RTI functionality.

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