Dec 2012


Cloud Features - Thesaurus Payroll Manager

“The Cloud” is such a pervasive term these days and is used to describe almost anything where data is accessed or transmitted over the Internet.

We are amazed to see some software companies raving about their web based software, an old technology, as being the new trend in cloud computing. Of course web based software is handy in some respects but it is usually slower and less feature rich than anything you will run from your desktop computer.

We believe that if you want to use your iPad, then you should have software designed for your iPad, which then accesses the same data that you processed using your desktop. Obviously the data must be stored in the cloud for this to work. This, we believe, is the future of cloud computing. We also believe that it should be up to the end user to opt in or out of cloud functionality.

This is our development goal and our cloud strategy!

Numerous cloud features have already been included in Thesaurus Payroll Manager, namely:

  • Automatic updates - The software will always check to see if a more up to date version is available and will tell you what is included in any upgrade. This it does by checking in with our website every time you launch the software. The upgrading is then performed by downloading the latest version from our website.
  • Dropbox integration is provided within the backup and restore screens. Backing up to Dropbox makes it really easy to access the payroll data from your laptop at home.
  • Payslip & P60 emailing is facilitated by encrypted transmission through our secure web server. If you haven’t yet used this feature, give it a try. You do not need any extra software and it will save you time and money. Once our server has emailed the payslips/P60s to your employees, they are then deleted to ensure that we do not hold any sensitive information.
  • Video help, which will become more widespread in our 2013 software, is accommodated by the software accessing videos which reside on a remote website.