Aug 2013


Have Revenue got it right at last or at least a bit fairer for all residents in Ireland?

A last ditch effort is being made by revenue to allow people to volunteer to pay their Local Property Tax and their outstanding Household charge before contacting employers and Pension providers to take the deductions at source!

The Office of the Revenue Commissioners has told more than 50,000 property owners that they will begin telling employers and pension providers to deduct the Local Property Tax from non-payers at source unless it is paid within seven days. In a statement, Revenue said the returns had to be filed online within one week.

It looks like there is no hiding place as Self-employed homeowners who fail to register have been warned they will be blocked from receiving a tax compliance certificate until they comply and pay. This in effect would mean some self employed people may not be able to work, take for example a taxi driver who is required to have a tax compliance Cert before A PSV licence will be issued .

Where the Household Charge for 2012 has not been paid or has been part paid by 1 July 2013 the arrears amount (including late payment penalties) will be increased to €200 and will be included as part of the LPT liability in respect of the property. In effect, the arrears of the Household Charge becomes an LPT charge and will be collected by Revenue. Unfortunately for people who did not pay their household charge a flat fee of €200 is now due along with the Property Tax Charge which will be deducted in the coming weeks at a time that people are already finding it difficult with extra costs as children return to school, college and the extra cost of the summer holidays in general . It's a hard one to call but looks like we will have no choice in the matter !

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Posted byDenise CowleyinLPT