Mar 2014


How to Roll out Contracts & Handbooks to Existing Staff

Introducing a contract of employment or a handbook for the first time to current employees, can be a difficult, tricky matter for many employers.

It is an area that many employers put on the long finger, or avoid doing until they have to.

Common reasons for not implementing employee documentation include:

 •  Lack of time
 •  Fear that employees will refute the terms of the documents and refuse to sign
 •  Anxiety that documentation will harm the relationship between management and staff, if the employees feel a new set of rules are being entrust upon then
 •  A false belief that it will restrict how management deal with employees

However, this does not have to be the case. It is possible to introduce new documentation without spending huge amounts of time, alienating your work force, or causing disruption.

The answer lies in good communications.

To help employers introduce their new Bright Contract’s employee documentation, we’ve created a short video outlining our four step guide to rolling out contracts and handbooks.

Alternatively, read our guide to Introducing Contracts & Handbooks to Existing Staff available here.


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