May 2017


Thesaurus Payroll Manager - Customer Update

PAYE Modernisation - An Update

From 1st January 2019, whenever Irish employers pay their employees, a file must be submitted (electronically) to Revenue containing details of these payments. Unlike the annual P35, this file must be submitted each pay period. Find out more about what direct effects this will have on employers.

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Cyber Security - Keep your payroll data safe against Ransomware

Ransomware is when your files are held for ransom. It is a type of malware that essentially takes over a computer and prevents users from accessing their data until such time as a ransom is paid. Learn more about keeping your payroll data safe.

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Thesaurus Payroll Manager to discontinue Windows XP support

The technology that Thesaurus Payroll utilises will be updated and improved from January 2018. As a result of this improvement, Payroll Manager will no longer be able to run on Windows XP operating systems. This technological enhancement brings many performance, reliability and security improvements.

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Do you need help with your employee contracts?

Our sister product, Bright Contracts enables you to create tailored, professional contracts of employment and staff handbooks. What was once a very expensive and time-consuming process can now be done on your PC.

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Have you heard of our other payroll product BrightPay?

BrightPay is a payroll product that provides superior features and functionality for bureaus. You can easily import your employer information into BrightPay from Thesaurus Software. What’s more it’s only €299 for a bureau licence.

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Have you tried Thesaurus Cloud?

Thesaurus Cloud is an optional cloud and HR add-on which offers an online self service portal for employees, secure cloud backups, annual leave management and more.

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Be careful of discrimination in job interviews

When conducting an interview you may veer off your pre-set questions when building rapport with a candidate and to do a little digging in some areas, however asking the wrong question could leave you at risk of a hefty discrimination claim.

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