Jul 2017


Should employers keep a register of employees?

Revenue officials regularly carry out prearranged and/or unannounced visits to business premises across the country inspecting various aspects of taxation compliance. Perhaps a lesser known fact, however, is that on request during any such visit, employers have a statutory obligation to produce a Register of Employees.

What is a Register of Employees

A Register of Employees must contain the following information:

  • The name, address and PPSN (Personal Public Service Number) of each employee
  • The date of commencement of employment for each employee
  • The date of cessation of employment for each employee (where appropriate)

The register will not only contain information for full-time staff but also must include temporary, part-time or casual employees.

The obligation to maintain a Register of Employees is separate to an employer's obligation to register with Revenue for PAYE purposes.

Storing the Register

The Register of Employees must be kept either at the normal place of employment of each employee or at the main place of business of the employer, for example, a business’s HQ. The register may be in paper or electronic format.

Employers who outsource their payroll and normally retain very little information on site must be aware that the onus remains on them to keep and maintain the Register or Employees at the normal place of business.

The Penalty for Non-Compliance

Failure by a company to keep and maintain a Register of Employees carries a penalty of €4,000.