Jul 2019


Save Time with Thesaurus Connect

Time is one of the most valuable assets to any company. We all get overwhelmed with our workload from time to time, Thesaurus Connect can permanently minimise this happening to you. It’s always nice to tick off your to-do list one by one with no interruption. Thesaurus Connect can help you achieve this and save you TIME.

Traceability. Everything on Thesaurus Connect can be traced, from annual leave requests to documents that have been viewed. All holiday requests approved or rejected, are listed on the dashboard of your Thesaurus Connect. This also includes sick days and unpaid leave for all employees. Any documents that are uploaded by the employer can be viewed by the relevant employee. The activity log allows the employer to view who has read each document with a time stamp. Employees can request to change any personal information on Thesaurus Connect, the new information is logged on the notification section which makes it quick and easy for the employer to view and change. All the above contributes to the employer being completely GDPR compliant.

Independence. Thesaurus Connect gives the employee independence when it comes to managing their personal information and payslips. They have secure access to their own payslips from any location with the use of the free App. They can download and print recent and past payslips without having to request them from the Payroll department. They also have secure access to their own personal information and can request to change any personal details on file at any time. Every employee can view their own profile from work or in the comfort of their own home.

Mobility. Thesaurus Connect give both the employer and employee the option of mobility. Both the employer and employee dashboard can be accessed from any PC or desktop once the username and password are entered correctly. It also allows the back-up to be restored on any PC once Thesaurus Payroll Manager is installed, this feature comes in particularly handy if the PC or laptop the employer has previously been working on crashes or is damaged. If for any reason an employee needs to apply for annual leave or access any payslip, this can all be done from a remote location once logged onto their own Thesaurus Connect.

Efficient. Thesaurus Connect is extremely efficient. It allows the employer to carry out everyday tasks with ease. Once the employer data is synchronised from Thesaurus Payroll Manager it immediately appears on the Thesaurus Connect dashboard. Once the employer has finalised the payroll for that pay period it can be synchronised and backed-up immediately. It also streamlines the new employee process allowing the new employee to view their Contract of Employment and Employee handbook online while also eliminating the old-style paperwork usually passed from employer to employee.

Watch our short employer video below which explains how Thesaurus Connect can streamline the workload in the payroll department. Move into the cloud where everything is completed with ease.