Jun 2020


Covid-19 mandatory policy now available on Bright Contracts

The Return to Work Safely Protocol (“the Protocol”) sets out essential measures employers must take to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Under “the Protocol”, all employers must put in place a Covid-19 Response Plan. A Response Plan is best thought of as a comprehensive, catch-all document that deals with all points of relevance relating to COVID-19 and the workplace. This will deal with issues such as hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and physical distancing, amongst others.

The Bright Contracts software has now been updated to include a template Covid-19 Response Plan. This document is the perfect starting point for any small employer getting to grips with Covid-19 and preventative workplace measures.

Download Bright Contracts here.

Other Requirements of the Protocol include;

  • Nominating a Worker Representative to help ensure measures are implemented and adhered to.
  • Train all staff on Covid-19 and preventative measure being taken
  • Ask all staff to complete a return to work form

 The full Protocol can be found here.