Nov 2021


4 mistakes to avoid when running payroll

Thesaurus Payroll Manager's optional add-on product, Thesaurus Connect, unlocks powerful cloud features that help improve your payroll processes. Below, we outline 4 mistakes that you should be avoiding when running payroll, and what solutions both Thesaurus Payroll Manager and Thesaurus Connect can offer to ensure that your business is safe and secure using the latest technology. 

1. Failing to back up your payroll data

It is highly recommended that you always keep a back-up of your payroll data. Using a cloud platform such as Thesaurus Connect or an external device to back up data is the safest option to ensure you never lose valuable information, should something happen to your computer.


2. Complicated annual leave process

Do you need an easy-to-use leave management tool? With Thesaurus Connect, employees can request annual leave through their own self-service portal. Once approved, the leave will be automatically synchronised to the payroll software on the desktop.


3. Inefficiency and human error

Your efficiency when running payroll will depend greatly on the level of automation used. Automation cuts down on the repetition of uncomplicated tasks. Thesaurus Software's automation includes payments platform Modulr to help reduce the risk of errors.


4. Not complying with GDPR

Using GDPR compliant payroll software means you and your employees can rest assured that all personal data is stored and managed in a safe and secure manner. Click here to find out how Thesaurus Connect is helping with GDPR.

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