Apr 2023


The benefits ESG can offer your firm

Making the planet a better place doesn't involve just going veggie for a day or buying a reusable straw (although every little step does help). If you want to save the planet, you've got to think big picture. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is rapidly becoming standard practice in businesses, with 70% of people willing to cancel their relationship with a brand that doesn’t take sustainability and social initiatives seriously. People want to be part of the solution (not the pollution), so how can you, as their accountant, lead the way? Let’s dive into it.

It helps to differentiate you in the market

While Earth Day is this Saturday, every day is an opportunity to level up your ESG game. How? Well, you're naturally looking for ways to add more value to your services and keep loyal customers coming back, and ESG is a great way to achieve this. If clients can use your services to not only balance their books, but to reduce their carbon footprint too, it gives you that 'eco-edge' in the market. Luckily, your clients have a superhero in their corner – you, their accountant, with all the number-crunching tips and to help them get there.

Set realistic goals for your firm

Think about it – if you implement a plan to reduce your carbon footprint, or work with energy-efficient suppliers to run your firm, couldn’t your clients to do the same? Whether it's switching to e-payslips, installing solar panels, offering staff incentives like a "bike to work" program, or a volunteer day at a local charity – promote the positive impact you're making. This can ripple out to your clients, and spark sustainable ideas for them too.

While this may seem like an unnecessary burden, making these changes now could actually save you money in the long run. The world's becoming more green – especially giving the taxes and schemes in recent years - like the Carbon Tax and home energy upgrade grants.

Above all, report honestly

Lastly, report honestly about your ESG efforts and plans. Here at Bright, our Green Team served up a delicious veggie lunch on Monday the 17th of April, and we did a litter-pickup around the business park of our head office in Duleek. Last July, we also made a donation for 60 native trees to be planted by HomeTree.ie in Co. Clare in Ireland after each member achieved their goal to walk 130km in our 2022 Charity Walk.

We’re on a mission to make a happier, more efficient and sustainable working life a reality for accountants through reliable software and amazing support. We create multi-award-winning payroll software, accounting software, accounts production software, and practice management software. Let’s work together towards a Brighter and greener future!


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