Please note that our EWSS upgrade is now available. This includes a July/August Sweepback utility. It is important that you ensure you have registered for EWSS using Manage Tax Registrations (under Other Services) in the main ROS screen. EWSS registrations cannot be backdated. The qualifying criteria for claiming EWSS can be found here.

Pricing Update for 2020 for Thesaurus Payroll Manager & BrightPay

Thesaurus Payroll Manager was launched over 25 years ago and BrightPay was launched over 7 years ago. Since then, unlike many of our competitors, we’ve added hundreds of powerful features and enhancements, with many more planned for the future. Over the last six years our pricing has remained the same, despite the introduction of PAYE Modernisation at the start of this year and the additional customer support that this has given rise to.

We continue to invest in technology to keep pace with Revenue’s changing landscape and we have invested and continue to invest heavily in customer support resources. Very few (if any) of our competitors have matched us in this regard.

To make all of this possible, our new pricing for 2020 is as follows:


Standard Payroll (based on number of employees)

No. of active employees (i.e. not departed)Annual Price (excl. VAT)
1 to 10 €159
11 to 25 €239
26 or over €319

Note: There is no longer the option to purchase an additional standard licence at half price. However, with Thesaurus Payroll Manager, an unlimited number of micro employers may be processed with the one standard licence. Micro is defined as up to 2 active employees. e.g. An employer with 9 employees, a second employer with 2 employees and a third employer with 2 employees, will all be covered by the one charge of €159. 


Bureau Payroll (based on number of employers)

No. of active employersAnnual Price (excl. VAT)
2 to 10 €339
11 to 25 €499
26 or over €659


This new pricing structure aims to better match usage and support requirements with price. Therefore, small employers and small bureau providers see very little change.

We believe our pricing remains excellent value and continues to be very competitive when compared to the options available from other providers, particularly when our first class support is factored in.

Please note that our payroll software also integrates with our companion product, Connect, which enables employee self service, smartphone App, remote backup, document uploads and much, much more. Connect pricing can be viewed here