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Rachel Hynes

A day in the life...

Before COVID hit, I was in a fortunate position where I was already working remotely. I would work 4 days per week from Galway, and then travel to the office in Ashbourne every Tuesday. This meant that it wasn’t too much of an adjustment for me when the government restrictions came into effect. Now that I’m working from home full time, I miss catching up with everyone in the office, but I definitely don’t miss the travel!

As anyone who works in marketing would tell you, no two days are the same, and so my ‘day in the life’ is taking a slightly different twist.  

How is communication working from home?

Regardless of the marketing that needs to be done in any given day, you can be sure that it will involve some video calls and chat messages with everyone in the sales and marketing team. Communication is such an important aspect of working remotely, and it’s something that we do really well on the sales and marketing team.

On a company-wide level, I also get to keep in touch with colleagues in other departments with weekly ‘virtual water cooler’ meetings, and a monthly company-wide meeting. 

What aspect of your work has been particularly affected by Covid?  

As part of the marketing team, I have full responsibility for all of our webinars. Although our online webinars were typically recorded in a dedicated ‘webinar room’ when I was in the office on a Tuesday, the biggest challenge of working from home has been to do these remotely. Instead of maybe six of us sitting around in the same room to present the webinar, we are now doing them from our homes, where you have the risk of unreliable internet connections, household noises in the background, or the courier ringing the doorbell to deliver online shopping. That said, almost all of our webinars have gone smoothly, and I’m very proud of the fact that over 50,000 people have watched our webinars in 2020. 

What are the main tasks involved daily in the Marketing department? 

There’s so much involved in marketing that I couldn’t possibly include it all – I could be putting together our monthly newsletter and other marketing emails, writing content for blogs and white papers, working on ad copy for various advertising campaigns, creating images to use for marketing purposes, making changes to our website, responding to direct messages on our company social media profiles, and so much more.

When COVID isn’t in the mix, we also travel to the UK for conferences maybe 4 or 5 times per year. I usually design the BrightPay stand and marketing materials in advance of the conference, look after all the logistics such as booking flights and hotels, and making sure everything goes smoothly on the day. It’s great to meet so many existing and potential customers face-to-face and go through a product demonstration with them. Sometimes there’s also elevator pitches and workshops that I present at the conferences.

Everyone in the company can use one hour per week for development time, so to finish off the day, sometimes I watch a LinkedIn Learning course for tips on marketing, management, graphic design and personal development.

During the lockdown, I was promoted to Marketing Manager, so along with all my typical marketing responsibilities, I’m also managing and training three other marketing executives – exciting times ahead!