Thesaurus Software


Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that a diverse and inclusive work environment is more adaptable, more creative and ultimately more successful. That is why we are focussed on building diversity and a workforce where every single employee is free to be themselves and feels comfortable sharing their perspectives. We are proud to say that our senior management team is 66% female. Our workforce of 79 is made up 7 different nationalities.

Diversity and Inclusion at Thesaurus Software

Employee Engagement

An engaged and motivated workforce is vital for the growth and development of our business. We prioritise strong and transparent leadership, health and well being, learning opportunities, benefits and recognition.

eNPS is measured annually, our 2020 eNPS score was 84. We have maintained a GlassDoor rating of 5 for the last 5 years.

Employee Engagement at Thesaurus Software

Learning and Development

Continuous growth and learning is what makes us who we are. In order to provide the best products and support to our customers, we challenge ourselves everyday. To assist our staff in their development, we offer educational assistance to those undertaking external qualifications.

In recognition that the way we learn has changed; we learn on demand and remotely, we now offer a Linkedin Learning licence to all staff members.

Learning and Development at Thesaurus Software