Dec 2012


New Payroll Software, BrightPay Launches in 2013 Alongside Thesaurus Payroll Manager

Thesaurus Payroll Manager

Thesaurus Payroll Manager is one of the leading payroll software programs available on the Irish market and is the choice of 55,000 employers. As we constantly strive to improve and continue as market leaders we welcome your feedback and queries which are key to our improvement plans for Thesaurus Payroll Manager in the years ahead!


BrightPay - 2013 Launch

During 2013 we will release a brand new second payroll option, BrightPay, satisfying every whim of the end user, written to evolve into the future in line with operating systems and legislative obstacles faced by employers. This software will mirror the dynamics and power of UK BrightPay,, which we launched in 2011.

BrightPay will be feature rich and more powerful than Thesaurus Payroll Manager.


Which to use?

We do understand that many users will prefer to stick with what they know so we are committed to offering both payroll solutions, Thesaurus Payroll Manager and BrightPay, for the years ahead.

Every customer will have the choice to use either Thesaurus Payroll Manager or BrightPay (or both) - the price will be the same!

Any customer who has purchased a 2013 Thesaurus Payroll Manager license can avail of a free BrightPay license for 2013, to receive your free license simply email to register your request, remember to quote your 2013 Thesaurus Invoice number.

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