Jul 2013


Local Property Tax - now a part of the Irish taxation landscape

LPT deductions at source (i.e. from payroll) became effective from 1st July 2013. The LPT deduction is advised to the employer by Revenue only and should not be implemented or amended under any other circumstances (e.g. by employee request).

The “Acorn to Oak Communications Plc -v- An Taoiseach, An Tánaiste and 48 Others” case was heard in the High Court last week and the case was dismissed. As far as we are aware, this ends the last legal challenge to the new tax.

Revenue will advise employers to make this deduction by the inclusion of an LPT field on the employee’s tax credit certificate issued to the employer (P2C). The deduction is only made in the circumstance that the employee has elected with Revenue to have the tax deducted from their salary or if Revenue are imposing the deduction, therefore employers will only make the deduction from some employees if not all.

Employers should not deviate from Revenue instructions. All employee queries relating to any LPT deduction or amendment should be directed to Revenue.

The latest versions of Thesaurus Payroll Manager (2013.2.0 upwards) automatically update employee records to implement LPT deductions, where applicable, once the latest P2Cs have been imported. All employee statements of earnings; Payslips, email payslips, P45, P60, will reflect LPT deductions made by employers on the employees behalf.

It is important that employers import the latest P2C file available to them from their ROS account in order to update employee details for such amendments.

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