Aug 2013


New Layout for Irish P30 & P35 returns

With the recent introduction of the Local Property Tax, the helpline at Thesaurus Software HQ has been busy answering queries relating to it.

One of those queries has been to do with the filing of the monthly/quarterly P30.

If an employer, registered with ROS, has been creating the P30 on the Thesaurus Payroll Manager and then uploading it to ROS, there has not been any issue. However an employer trying to submit an online P30 on ROS itself is running into issues arising from where to enter the LPT.

The P30 had been showing fields for the PAYE & USC and then also for PRSI but nowhere was it showing a field for the LPT.

Revenue rectified this problem recently by changing the format of the online P30 and P35 so that the LPT and the USC fields are now separate from the PAYE.

Please see Revenue e-brief 35/13 for more information -

Posted byJennie HusseyinLPTPayroll Software