Dec 2013


What's new in 2014

Thesaurus Payroll Manager 2014 is now available. Click here to download.

2014 Budget Changes to cater for:

  • Reduced rate of 4.25% employer’s PRSI to revert to 8.5% (affecting PRSI classes A0 and AX)
  • Full year application of LPT (local property tax)
  • Illness benefit waiting days increased to six from three meaning that employers will not have to adjust for tax until waiting days have elapsed
  • Minor changes to BIK mileage bands
  • PRD (pension levy) lower rate reduced from 5% to 2.5%



As more banks become SEPA ready, the roll out of payroll software upgrades for these banks will be targeted to those customers affected, so, when preparing a SEPA file, the software will see if a specific upgrade is available for that bank.

Other users will not be inconvenienced by these targeted upgrades.

AIB, Danskebank, ABN Amro and Bank of America are currently catered for within Thesaurus Payroll Manager. Permanent TSB, Ulster Bank and Bank of Ireland are planned this month or 1st January at the latest. The remaining banks will follow as they become SEPA ready and we have successfully processed test files with them.


Cleaner graphics

This takes advantage of the fact that only 0.5% of users are now using 800 x 600 resolution and, for those that are, scroll bars will appear for the larger forms.

The “restore down” button at the top right of the main form previously forced users to keep the program in a maximised state. This button will now allow a user to show the program on part of their screen only. So, for example, you might have a spread sheet showing on your screen alongside the payroll. Some payroll sections will still take over the full screen e.g. payslip print to screen.


General improvements to the software upgrade process and many more 'under the hood' enhancements.

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