Nov 2016


DSP Christmas Bonus

A Christmas Bonus will be paid out to all eligible welfare and pension recipients along with their normal weekly payment during the week beginning November 28th 2016.

Anyone getting monthly payments will get any bonus due in their December payment.
An 85% 2016 Christmas Bonus for Social Welfare and Pensions was confirmed in Budget 2017 back in October. The Christmas Bonus is 85% of your normal payment (including any payments for qualified adults or children) with a minimum payment of €20.

About 1.3 million people will benefit from the Christmas Bonus (almost 890,000 recipients and an estimated 400,000 dependents). Around €225 million will be paid out. It will be useful for all the extra expenses at Christmas time.

The DSP Christmas Bonus is a non taxable payment. To keep record of it through your payroll you can add it as a non taxable addition.

Posted byCaoimhe ByrneinPayroll Software