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What happens if I don’t comply with GDPR ?

The amount of data currently being processed by businesses was unforeseeable way back in the 1990’s when the current Data Protection Regulation was drawn up. Officials recognised that the current rules just weren’t sufficient to handle the current digital era. An updated reform was agreed and GDPR was born.

From May 25th, the GDPR legislation was enforced by data regulators across Europe. As this deadline is passed, it is important to note that every business that stores and manages personal data will be affected by this change.

To help you with your GDPR preparation we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common questions that we get asked:


What is personal data?

Personal data is anything that allows a person to be identified. Some examples would be; name, address, IP address or photo.


What happens if I don’t comply with the GDPR?

One of the most talked about elements of the GDPR is the consequences for non-compliance. Companies that fail to comply can face fines of up to £20 million or 4% of turnover (whichever is greater).


Will the GDPR affect my business?

In short, yes. GDPR will affect every individual and organisation that holds or processes personal data from any individual in the EU.


Can I still email payslips?

Emailing payslips is still perfectly acceptable under the GDPR. However, it is important to consider the security of the payslip. Payroll software, like BrightPay & Thesaurus, will encrypt payslips and automatically delete payslips that are sent from our servers.


How can BrightPay/ Thesaurus help?

Data Protection has always been a priority for BrightPay & Thesaurus. Like all companies, we’ve had to review how we handle data in preparation for the GDPR. Here is a list of resources we’ve put together to aid you on the voyage to becoming compliant with the GDPR:


1. Free GDPR webinars for payroll bureaus and employers
Join us for our free webinar where we will discuss what GDPR is and why employers need to take it seriously.

2. BrightPay & Thesaurus Connect

The GDPR states that where possible individuals should have access to a secure, self-service remote system which would provide direct access to their personal data. BrightPay Connect is a self-service option which will give employees online remote access to view their payroll information at any time.


3. Free GDPR and The Future of Payroll guide
This guide will specifically look at the impact of GDPR on your payroll processing and highlight the biggest areas of concern. We will walk through some important steps to achieve GDPR compliance.


4. Free template: Data Processor Agreement
Whenever a data controller (e.g. a payroll bureau client) uses a data processor (e.g. payroll bureau) there needs to be a written contract in place. The contract is important so that both parties understand their responsibilities and liabilities.


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