Nov 2019


Thesaurus Customer Update: December 2019

Welcome to our December update where you will find out about the latest hot topics and events affecting payroll. Our most important news this month include:

Plans to auto-enrol workers in pension schemes by 2022

In 2022, all employers are likely to have certain auto enrolment mandatory duties to complete by law. As a nation, we are not saving enough for our retirement. Many are planning to rely solely on their state pension which could lead to a reduced standard of living. The Irish government aims to bring in an auto enrolment system where all employers will enrol their employees into a workplace pension scheme and contribute towards the employee pension pot.

PAYE Modernisation: One year on - was it a success?

Thesaurus Software has teamed up with Revenue for a series of free PAYE Modernisation webinars. In this webinar, we will look back on PAYE Modernisation in 2019 and decide if the new real time payroll reporting system has been a success. We’ll also deep dive into the evolution of cloud technology in payroll.

  • Part 1: Discover the common mistakes employers make and learn what’s to come in 2020.
  • Part 2: Learn how Thesaurus Connect’s cloud platforms can improve your payroll efficiency.

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Watch this short video to see how your business can benefit from Thesaurus Connect

Thesaurus Connect is our cloud add-on that works alongside Thesaurus Payroll Manager. Securely store payroll information in the cloud and enable online access anywhere, anytime for you, your employees and your accountant. You will be up and running in seconds. Find out how Thesaurus Connect can improve your payroll processes with a free online demo.

Employee Gift Cards for Christmas - Purchase One4All Gift Vouchers on Thesaurus

Thesaurus Payroll Manager offers a facility where users can securely purchase one4all gift cards for their employees. Employers can give a gift card of up to €500 tax-free to employees. Gift cards arrive addressed to the employer in an unmarked envelope for extra security.

New BrightPay Connect Feature for Bureaus

This is what you must be offering as part of payroll (And why clients will LOVE it)

Client Payroll Entry (Exclusive to BrightPay Connect)
The Payroll Entry Request allows clients to easily and securely enter their employee’s hours, saving bureaus hours of administrative time. Additions and deductions that have been set up by the bureau in the payroll software can also be selected by the employer. All of the information included in the Payroll Entry Request (payments, additions, deductions and new starters) will seamlessly flow through to the bureau’s portal, ready for payroll processing.

Client Payroll Approval (Exclusive to BrightPay Connect)
BrightPay Connect’s Payroll Approval Request allows bureau users to securely send their clients a payroll summary before the payroll is finalised. Clients can review and authorise the payroll details for the pay period through their online employer dashboard. Ultimately, your client will be accountable for ensuring the payroll information is 100% correct before the payroll is finalised. Additionally, there is an audit trail of the requests being approved by the client.

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