Jun 2021


Celebrating Pride Month at Thesaurus

As a company we wanted to recognise Pride 2021 and use the opportunity to promote awareness, educate ourselves and most importantly celebrate Pride.

Educating Our Workforce

During Pride Month staff communications were sent educating our team on the history of pride. Below is some of what was sent:

PRIDE stands for:

  • Promote, Respect, Inclusion and Dignity for Everyone 

History of Pride

  • The Stonewall Riots, also called the Stonewall Uprising, began in the early hours of 28th June 1969, when New York police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay club located in Greenwich Village in New York City. The raid sparked a riot among bar patrons and neighbourhood residents as police roughly hauled employees and patrons out of the bar, leading to six days of protests and violent clashed with law enforcement outside the bar. The Stonewall Riots served as a catalyst for the gay rights movement in the United States and around the world.

Discrimination does still exist

  • 25% of LGBT+ people are not out at work
  • 62% of graduates go back into the closet when they get their first job, despite being out at college. 

Our LGBT Colleagues

Some of our LGBT colleagues discussed their experiences in the workplace.

  • “It’s the 21st century. Should we even talk about LGBT inclusive workplaces? All people are equal, and all people deserve to work in an environment that supports their choices. This still is an issue out there, but not in our company. Since I have started working at Thesaurus I haven’t experienced any form of discrimination, nor have I felt a part of the minority. Ireland has come far in recent years. I am happy and proud to be part of our company.” -  Dario
  • “There is an incredibly open and acceptation atmosphere in Thesaurus, so much so that no questions or assumptions have every been raised. It is a place that accepts and respects their employees regardless of how they dress or who they love.”- Robyn
  • “Since starting with Thesaurus I’ve never experienced any issue from the recruitment process to now, everyone here including my co-workers never treated me any differently for being me, what a great company in terms of minority, I am proud to work for such an amazing company :)” - Shannon J

Celebrating Pride

To celebrate and show our support for the LGBT+ community, we asked all staff to wear bright colours to our virtual monthly company meeting. Once again our amazing staff came out in full support, the screen was awash with colour.

The small contingent of staff who are currently working in the office continued on the celebrations with a socially distanced pizza for Pride lunch.

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