Jun 2022


Learning at Work Week 2022 at Bright

At Bright we encourage continuous learning and development amongst our employees, however, it’s not always in a payroll or accounting way!

This week was Learning at Work Week at Bright, where we wanted to put focus on the personal development of our employees.

So we asked our employees what special talents or skills they had and would volunteer to show them to all of our employees.

Over the course of the last few days, our volunteers ran virtual workshops to educate our staff.

On Monday we joined a scouting expert Mike who showed us how to tie knots. We learned that they are many different types of knots and what each type is used for. The staff was able to follow Mike’s instructions with their own ropes or string at home.

On Tuesday, mixologist Andy showed us how to make cocktails, perfect for after work on a Friday evening. He gave us tutorials on how to make a Berry Bramble, Mojito, and a Strawberry daiquiri, which looked delicious. Andy gave the ingredients prior to the workshop so staff had time to buy them to follow along with him.

On Wednesday, Tibor gave us an insight into what to expect if you were going on holiday to Hungary. Whether you’re going on a city break to Budapest or partying in Balaton, Tibor gave us a great insight into the food, places to visit, and some basics of the language.

On Thursday, musician Ben rolled back the years to when he used to host percussion workshops before his time here at Bright. Those that were lucky enough to be in the Duleek office got to test the instruments for themselves. There was a great atmosphere in the office and the participants had so much fun playing the drums.

Many thanks to all our volunteers for hosting these workshops, our staff really enjoyed them and we look forward to seeing what next year’s learning at work week has to offer.



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Jun 2022


Rory’s Stories talks to Bright employees for Men’s Health Week

On Friday 17th June we were joined by Rory O’Connor also known as Rory’s Stories, who openly spoke about his struggles with addiction and mental health to mark Men’s Health Week.

The conversation was light-hearted as many would know Rory for his comedy content on social media which made his story more engaging. He spoke about his battles with addiction and mental health.

Coming from a background with the love of the GAA, Rory was asked to write a book about the GAA, something that he was passionate about. The book titled “The Rory's Stories Guide to the GAA” was his first published book and reached the top of the charts upon its release. With the success of his first book, he published a second and a third with the fourth on the way.

Those who were in the Duleek office on the day watched it together with their fry in the kitchen. There was a great atmosphere and a few giggles along the way. His talk finished with a Q&A session in which he told us what to say if someone approached us saying they struggled with their mental health and his greatest achievement in his career so far.

One of our employees said “it was just amazing, so glad I attended. It was funny, sad in a relatable way, and very inspirational. thanks so much for organizing, I feel renewed”

Rory’s story is a great example of if you put yourself into a positive mindset a positive outcome comes along with it.

Thanks so much to Rory for his session, our staff really benefitted from it.


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May 2022


The Bright Way: Our New Company Values

In 2021, Thesaurus Software and Relate Software merged to become Bright – a payroll and accounting software powerhouse and in 2022 we welcomed our newest addition to the Bright family, AccountancyManager. By operating as Bright, we have access to additional resources to improve the services and support we provide to our customers. Our companies coming together as one community made us want to re-define our company values, values which we believe guide will us in how we behave when interacting not only with our colleagues but also our customers and the wider community within which we live.

To celebrate the official launch of our values and to welcome our colleagues from AccountancyManager and our office in Tallaght, we held a company barbeque last Friday in our head office in Duleek. It was great to bring all our employees together and celebrate the new beginning as Bright.


 The night started with amazing food from AB Catering, followed by music, games, and a speech from our CEO Paul Byrne and COO Kevin McCallum, who outlined our six values outline below and what they mean to Bright.

We centre our business on our customer's needs and work tirelessly to make it easier for them to run their businesses sustainably.

We focus on the development and wellbeing of our people as they are the key to our culture, growth, and customer happiness.

We take pride in delivering our best effort in all that we do, setting and achieving high standards of performance.

We work together across functions and geographies, promoting clear communication to enhance our working relationships and bring the Bright Way to life.

We creatively explore solutions and new ways of thinking so we can be agile and go beyond conventional norms, in an ethical, socially, and sustainable manner.

Our colleagues in our India office unfortunately were unable to attend our BBQ but they held their own amazing launch night in the Kolkata office.

With these values in place we are really looking forward to the company moving forward as Bright and coming together to embody these values.

We would like to thank the HR team for all of their help in making the launch of our new values such a success and to all of our employees for making such an effort to engage with their fellow colleagues. It was a fantastic night, and we are excited to see what the future holds at Bright.

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May 2022


Bright at Accountex 2022

Last week members of our Bright Pay UK and AccountancyManager attended Accountex in the Excel London. Accountex is the UK’s number one exhibition and conference dedicated to the Accountancy and Finance Profession.

This was a great opportunity for both Bright Pay UK and AccountancyManager to showcase our best-in-class software solutions. We also had the opportunity to meet some new and existing customers.

The two-day event generated a lot of leads for both of our teams, Bright Pay and Accountancy Manager. We are looking forward to attending more conferences in the future.

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May 2022


Bright Welcomes Personal Empowerment Specialist, Nicola Connolly Byrne.

On Wednesday we were joined by personal empowerment specialist, Nicola Connolly Byrne. Nicola empowered our Bright employees to be positive and take action towards a confident free life.

Nicola was invited to speak to our Bright employees as part of National Workplace Wellbeing Day which was held on the 29th of April. Nicola presented her 12 steps to a positive mindset to our employees. Some of these steps included smiling and doing a random act of kindness. She ended the presentation with a Q&A, where our staff asked her for a positive mindset book and social media recommendations.

It was great to see our staff engage with Nicola and learn how to have a positive mindset during growth.

Having a positive mindset in the workplace can improve your professional life in many ways. Thinking positively at work may help you stay motivated and work better with others. It can also reduce stress levels, boost productivity and improve problem-solving. Nicola discussed ways in which we can change our attitude to think more positively such as performing self-care, surrounding ourselves with positive people, and practicing gratitude.

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May 2022


Celebrating Earth Week at Bright

At Bright, we are committed to a cleaner, greener future for all. Our Duleek office which opened in May 2021 is built to be energy efficient, allowing us to record and monitor our carbon emissions. We have an amazing Green Team that educates, promotes, and inspires sustainability among our colleagues and our customers.

The Green Team members came up with a list of activities to help Bright operate in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Meat Free Monday: A plant-based diet can have a big impact on reducing our carbon footprint. We asked our staff to go vegan or vegetarian for the day or even for just one meal.

Carpool/walk/cycle to work Tuesday: We encouraged our staff to carpool, walk or cycle to work.

Compost Wednesday: We joined Alan at lunchtime he gave us a tutorial on how you can successfully start composting at home. Composting helps restore forests, wetlands, and habitats by improving the poor soil quality. It also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Litter Picking Thursday: At lunch, on Thursday our staff went litter picking around the office and the Duleek Industrial Estate

Save the Bees Talk Friday: Joseph from Trinity College Dublin presented a talk on the importance of bees and their positive effect on our environment to our staff via Microsoft Teams

To add to these events, we are encouraged our staff to make bird feeders from recycled plastic bottles.

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Mar 2022


Celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 With Us

This year’s theme of International Women’s Day is “Break the Bias.” The day is marked globally to celebrate the cultural, social, and economic achievements of women. Break the Bias calls for an end to all kinds of discrimination women face in society. We are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions every day. At Bright, we want to help break the bias in the workplace.

Promoting Gender Equality at Bright

We are proud to say that we have always had a strong representation of women across our company.

  • Our Senior Management team is 50% female.
  • Our Marketing Team is 60% female
  • Our Support Team is 67% female

We always look for ways to assist our employees. We offer paid maternity and paternity leave to ensure that we help new parents to be successful both at work and at home.

IWD at Bright 2022

To raise awareness of International Women’s Day within our company, we are holding a self-defence course on Wednesday the 16th of March. As an employer, we are fully committed to promoting an environment where everyone feels safe to be themselves at work and outside work.

Women of all ages and backgrounds are constantly dealing with unsafe situations, whether they are walking home, riding in taxis or simply being in public places.

The safety of all our staff is extremely important to us as a company, and we want to help in any way possible to promote employee safety.

Together we can Break the Bias on International Women’s Day and beyond.

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Sep 2021


A spotlight on employee-led sustainability efforts

Earlier this year Thesaurus Software moved into our new energy-efficient offices in Duleek, Co. Meath. Employees have formed the 'Green Team', a company-wide committee tasked with identifying and implementing opportunities that can improve the sustainability of our company.

From the start the Green Team have demonstrated their enthusiasm for environmental sustainability and passion for sharing their knowledge. This is highlighted below in a number of projects they’ve undertaken:

Making the Garden Bloom:

While the initial focus was on the new purpose-built offices, the Green Team soon turned their attention to the green spaces outside. Inspired by their Earth Week guest, Dr Emma Reeves, a Senior Ecologist at the Forest, Environmental Research, & Services (FERS), the group was particularly keen to plant native, bee-friendly plants and trees that would help pollinators and further benefit biodiversity. The first planting phase has been completed with the group planning the layout of the garden and planting shrubs, flowers, and trees. In September, the second phase will begin, with the team planting Spring bulbs including hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils.

Single-Use Plastics Awareness Campaign:

On the 3rd of July, the Single-Use Plastics Directive came into effect for all EU member states. In Ireland, this means that certain single-use plastics such as straws and coffee cups have been banned from the Irish market. Supporting this initiative, the Green Team created an awareness campaign highlighting the use of plastic in the beauty industry and introduced a single-use plastics ban in the office. With 10 of the most commonly found single-use plastic items representing 70% of all marine litter, this is an important and useful step all employees can take.

Future projects:

The Green Team’s future plans are focused on tackling pollution and engaging with more employees at Thesaurus Software. In September, the company will take part in a clean-up at a local beach and will also develop a new project highlighting the unsustainable nature of fast fashion and what options are available to address it.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with Thesaurus Software’s journey, sign up to our sustainability newsletter for future updates.

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Jun 2021


Celebrating Pride Month at Thesaurus

As a company we wanted to recognise Pride 2021 and use the opportunity to promote awareness, educate ourselves and most importantly celebrate Pride.

Educating Our Workforce

During Pride Month staff communications were sent educating our team on the history of pride. Below is some of what was sent:

PRIDE stands for:

  • Promote, Respect, Inclusion and Dignity for Everyone 

History of Pride

  • The Stonewall Riots, also called the Stonewall Uprising, began in the early hours of 28th June 1969, when New York police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay club located in Greenwich Village in New York City. The raid sparked a riot among bar patrons and neighbourhood residents as police roughly hauled employees and patrons out of the bar, leading to six days of protests and violent clashed with law enforcement outside the bar. The Stonewall Riots served as a catalyst for the gay rights movement in the United States and around the world.

Discrimination does still exist

  • 25% of LGBT+ people are not out at work
  • 62% of graduates go back into the closet when they get their first job, despite being out at college. 

Our LGBT Colleagues

Some of our LGBT colleagues discussed their experiences in the workplace.

  • “It’s the 21st century. Should we even talk about LGBT inclusive workplaces? All people are equal, and all people deserve to work in an environment that supports their choices. This still is an issue out there, but not in our company. Since I have started working at Thesaurus I haven’t experienced any form of discrimination, nor have I felt a part of the minority. Ireland has come far in recent years. I am happy and proud to be part of our company.” -  Dario
  • “There is an incredibly open and acceptation atmosphere in Thesaurus, so much so that no questions or assumptions have every been raised. It is a place that accepts and respects their employees regardless of how they dress or who they love.”- Robyn
  • “Since starting with Thesaurus I’ve never experienced any issue from the recruitment process to now, everyone here including my co-workers never treated me any differently for being me, what a great company in terms of minority, I am proud to work for such an amazing company :)” - Shannon J

Celebrating Pride

To celebrate and show our support for the LGBT+ community, we asked all staff to wear bright colours to our virtual monthly company meeting. Once again our amazing staff came out in full support, the screen was awash with colour.

The small contingent of staff who are currently working in the office continued on the celebrations with a socially distanced pizza for Pride lunch.

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Jun 2021


Thesaurus Software’s new energy-efficient offices

Since the beginning of 2020, Thesaurus Software has welcomed a total of 34 new hires. As a result of this significant growth, 2021 sees the opening of our new office. The purpose-built offices are at the top of the spectrum in terms of energy efficiency.


Key features of our new building include:

  • 50 initial roof solar panels to offset energy usage
  • 2 electric vehicle recharge points in our private car park, along with bicycle parking
  • An attenuation tank which releases storm-water slowly into the drainage network
  • Oil or petrol leakages from vehicles is filtered by a Petrol Interceptor before the water reaches the drainage network. Permeable paving also facilitates this.



Images of our new energy-efficient offices in Co. Meath, Ireland. 


We have recently seen the gradual return to the office for our employees who have worked remotely during the pandemic. The excitement and energy around the new building has reinvigorated our efforts to live more sustainably, with the whole team eager to get involved.

Sign up to our sustainability newsletter for future updates on our sustainability efforts.


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