Dec 2012


Solutions Plus - Dropbox (Cloud) Functionality Now Automated

The 2013 version of Solutions Plus will facilitate the automatic transfer of your data to a Dropbox folder.

This means that all computers (or users) that have access to this particular online folder will always have the latest data.  You are in control - you can add and remove users as your team changes or you can create multiple folders to restrict access to certain data files.

Registering with Dropbox is easy. It is also free if you do not plan to use more than 2 gigabytes. To put this in context you could handle the accounts data for more than one thousand companies and still remain within the 2 gig limit.

Dropbox will create a folder on your hard disk. Anything you place in this folder will then sync to a remote folder in Dropbox’s secure server. If you have another computer setup with Dropbox, the data transferred from the first computer to Dropbox’s server will then copy to the Dropbox folder on the second computer.

You can use Dropbox as the shared location of Solutions Plus company data files so that these data files are accessible by any computer with Internet access.  The added advantage is that you can access the data files remotely from your laptop when you are visiting clients, or working remotely.

One huge advantage of Dropbox is that a copy of your data is stored remotely, thereby automatically providing a backup.

A lesser known feature of Dropbox, which can be quite useful, is the ability to go back in time. Dropbox will hold up to 6 versions of any file.

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