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Surf Accounts integration with Thesaurus Payroll Manager - Here's how it works

It’s a Friday evening – everyone is at home starting their weekend, and you’re still in the office processing this month’s payroll. Whether your software isn’t up-to-scratch or you’ve left it until last minute, processing payroll can be a time-consuming and tedious task.

Even when the payroll is finalised, there’s still the task of entering the data into your bookkeeping software. From exporting your payroll journal data and then having to manually upload it into your accounting software – it’s monotonous, repetitive, and to be frank, it’s time for this process to be automated.

That’s why we’ve been working hard behind the scenes here at Thesaurus Software and have found the remedy – with our recent direct API integration with the cloud-based accounting software, Surf Accounts.


Who are Surf Accounts?

Surf Accounts is a bookkeeping software and CRM system that’s suited to small and medium sized businesses. Surf Accounts provides a whole range of innovative features, including:

  • The ability to create and schedule online invoices
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Produce reports and bank reconciliations in seconds
  • Make online payments and SEPA payments
  • VAT reporting (inclusive of the return on trading details)
  • Inventory management
  • Customisable dashboard and reporting
  • And many more bookkeeping features


How can this help my payroll process?

The Thesaurus Payroll Manager’s integration with Surf Accounts allows the two systems to communicate directly with one another. Thesaurus Payroll Manager automatically creates a payroll journal for you, that can be sent straight to Surf Accounts’ general ledger from within the payroll software.

This eliminates the need for you to manually export your payroll journals and import them back into the accounting software, every time you process payroll. Not only will you save time using this direct API integration, but you will reduce the chances of duplicate data and other errors that can occur from inputting data manually. The integration allows you to attend to more important matters in your business, by submitting data across platforms smoothly and seamlessly.


How does the integration work?

Click into the journal button in the menu with Thesaurus Payroll Manager, and then click Surf Accounts. When you sign into Surf Accounts within Thesaurus Payroll Manager, your nominal ledger accounts will be retrieved, where you can then begin mapping out your nominal ledger. Here you can add any specific variations (i.e. additions/deductions) and this data is saved automatically once it’s entered, so you don’t have to start your nominal mapping from scratch every time you login.

Once this information is submitted, you can then find it under the journals section within Surf Accounts.


Why Thesaurus Payroll Manager?

1. Integrated with Revenue, PAYE Modernisation and direct payments platform

Thesaurus Payroll Manager is fully integrated with Revenue and has full PAYE Modernisation functionality, making RPN retrievals and PSR submissions a breeze. Our integration with direct payments platform, Modulr, also offers same-day payment turnarounds and greater flexibility with scheduled payments.

These features streamline your entire payroll workflow, reduce admin workloads and increase the efficiency of your business.

2. 60-day free trial

Thesaurus Payroll Manager offers a 60-day free trial that commences from the date of your installation. This comes with complete functionality, so you can use the software to its full extent throughout the entire trial period. Once the trial ends, a licence is then required to continue use.

3. Cloud-extension with extra HR features

Thesaurus Payroll Manager’s cloud-extension, Thesaurus Connect, offers a vast range of features that can enhance any business. These include:

Annual Leave Management – where you can view all of your employees’ leave. You can also approve/deny employee’s’ leave requests through an easy-to-use calendar format.

Employee app – a user-friendly employee app that allows employees access all of their payslips and important HR documents that are available to view, download or print from anywhere at any time.

Employer dashboard – where you can see payments due to Revenue, annual leave requests and employee details. For further information on how Thesaurus Connect can work for employers, watch this short one-minute video for a quick overview.

Automated backups – Thesaurus Connect automatically backs up your payroll data for you every time you exit the payroll software. This ensures that should any situation arise where your payroll data has been damaged or lost, it can all be easily retrieved and downloaded directly from the cloud. This in turn improves your GDPR compliance.

Interested in learning more about Thesaurus Connect? Book a free demo with us today.


Where can I learn more about this integration?

For further information on how Thesaurus Payroll Managers’ integration with Surf Accounts works, please take a look at our Surf Accounts support document for guidance. Here you can view a step-by-step guide with screenshots on how exactly the integration works.

Thesaurus Payroll Manager has both the reputation and credibility behind it, being one of Ireland’s leading payroll software providers, being established in the payroll industry for over 30 years, and a 98.8% customer satisfaction rate.


“I have been using Thesaurus Software for many years now. It is very easy to use and straightforward, anyone could use this package from novice to skilled. Thesaurus have always dealt with updates in a timely manner and easy transition. Their support team is second to none and extremely helpful. I will continue to use Thesaurus and would highly recommend it.”

- Debbie Jolley, Community Pre School Playgroup


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Oct 2013


CPA Ireland – Practitioners’ Conference 2013

CPA Ireland held their Practitioners Conference in Carton House Friday 20th & Saturday 21st September 2013.  Laura Murphy and Audrey Mooney from Thesaurus Software attended the conference.  Laura and Audrey enjoyed meeting existing Thesaurus Payroll Manger and Solutions Plus customers – getting their feedback and comments. 

It was also an opportunity to show Bright Contracts and our new payroll product BrightPay. 

  • Bright Contracts is an innovative software package that has everything you need  to create and manage your staff handbook and and employment contracts. 
  • BrightPay is simple to use yet powerful and flexible, it will be offered alongside Thesaurus Payroll Manager  giving customers a choice of payroll products. 


Laura Murphy (left) and Audrey Mooney at the recent CPA conference

BrightPay - Payroll Software

Bright Contracts - Employment Contracts and Handbooks

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Sep 2013


What our customers say!

In a recent customer survey, 97.82% of respondents ranked the quality of our customer support as Excellent or Good.

This customer support covers our payroll software (Thesaurus Payroll Manager and BrightPay), our employment contracts software (Bright Contracts) and our accounts software (Solutions Plus) and is free to all registered users.

While the excellent/good percentage achieved would be way ahead of industry standards, we hope to reduce the 2.18% who ranked our support as fair or poor!

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Dec 2012


2013 Solutions Plus - A Host of New Features

We are always improving on our software and Solutions Plus is no exception!

Customer feedback and end user functionality forms the main platform for improvement of Solutions Plus.

2013 sees new features and improvements, such as:

  • Dropbox integration
  • Process icons for easier access to most commonly used functions
  • Electronic Payment to suppliers by bank transfer
  • Constant display of the last five transactions posted
  • Additional reports included
  • Display enhancements

Once the Budget has been announced and Solutions Plus is upgraded to incorporate any relevant budgetary measures the 2013 version will be available. It is expected that this will be before the new year.

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Dec 2012


Solutions Plus - Dropbox (Cloud) Functionality Now Automated

The 2013 version of Solutions Plus will facilitate the automatic transfer of your data to a Dropbox folder.

This means that all computers (or users) that have access to this particular online folder will always have the latest data.  You are in control - you can add and remove users as your team changes or you can create multiple folders to restrict access to certain data files.

Registering with Dropbox is easy. It is also free if you do not plan to use more than 2 gigabytes. To put this in context you could handle the accounts data for more than one thousand companies and still remain within the 2 gig limit.

Dropbox will create a folder on your hard disk. Anything you place in this folder will then sync to a remote folder in Dropbox’s secure server. If you have another computer setup with Dropbox, the data transferred from the first computer to Dropbox’s server will then copy to the Dropbox folder on the second computer.

You can use Dropbox as the shared location of Solutions Plus company data files so that these data files are accessible by any computer with Internet access.  The added advantage is that you can access the data files remotely from your laptop when you are visiting clients, or working remotely.

One huge advantage of Dropbox is that a copy of your data is stored remotely, thereby automatically providing a backup.

A lesser known feature of Dropbox, which can be quite useful, is the ability to go back in time. Dropbox will hold up to 6 versions of any file.

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Dec 2012


IXbrl - Mandatory Rollout Planned by Revenue for October 2014

iXbrl is a means of submitting accounts information electronically.

Revenue has announced that filing of accounts in this manner will be mandatory for large cases from October 2013 and for all other cases from October 2014.

As the information included within an iXbrl submission is more comprehensive for small companies than required through the present system of accounts extracts, we do not believe that businesses will wish to opt in to iXbrl until such time as it is mandatory.

We intend to roll out iXbrl functionality in Solutions Plus in early 2014.

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