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Increase profits and improve client satisfaction with Thesaurus Connect

A recent customer survey revealed that only 15% of Thesaurus bureau customers actually charge their clients for the extra features of using Thesaurus Connect. This is a very surprising figure, as we expected it to be much, much higher. Thesaurus bureau customers are losing out on potential profits and revenue by not at least passing on the cost of Thesaurus Connect to their clients – even though they are providing an additional service to their clients.

Thesaurus Connect is charged per active employee on a monthly basis. The more employees you have, the greater the discount. For example, if you have less than five employees you will pay €0.50 per employee, but if you have 500 employees you will pay just over €0.19 per employee and if you have 5,000 employees you will pay just over €0.09 per employee. This is the total number of employees across all companies linked to Thesaurus Connect.

You can view a breakdown of example monthly Thesaurus Connect bills below or use our calculator to estimate your bill.

Additional services

You may not use every single Thesaurus Connect feature, but below is a list of additional services alongside processing the payroll, that can be offered to your clients. Remember, once signed up for Thesaurus Connect – all of these features are included in the price - so why not make use of them!

  • Client dashboard
  • Annual leave management tool
  • Multiple users
  • Extra support for remote working
  • Employee self-service

Client dashboard

Invite your clients to their very own client dashboard where the client can view and run payroll reports, upload important documents for employees, and manage annual leave. We recommend that you book a 15-minute online demo to view an overview of Thesaurus Connect.

Annual leave management tool

Employees can be invited to a self-service portal where they can request and cancel annual leave. Once the client approves the leave request, it flows automatically into the payroll software on the bureau’s PC and is added to the employee’s calendar. 

Multiple users

Both the bureau and client can add as many users to Thesaurus Connect as they wish. We recommend that you only set users up as standard users. You will be able to edit permissions on what each user will have access to. Follow step-by-step instructions to assign a new user on Thesaurus Connect.

Extra support for remote working

Post-pandemic, there has been a growing trend of businesses implementing long-term and permanent remote working and hybrid working work environments. Thesaurus Connect has been updated to include improved remote working functionality. This includes a ‘version checking’ feature when opening the employer file and an ‘other users check’ to prevent the risk of conflicting copies. This is extremely useful when there are two of more processors, processing payroll from multiple PCs.

Employee self-service

Thesaurus Connect’s employee self-service portal allows employees to access their payslips, documents or their holiday calendar 24/7, anywhere, anytime. The portal can be accessed through an internet browser or through the Thesaurus Connect smartphone and tablet app which is available on both iOS and Android devices. This employee app reduces admin work for a manager or HR department having to accept and track annual leave and sending payslips.

Increase profits and client satisfaction

The many features and benefits mentioned above will ensure that your business is future proof in keeping up with all payroll trends. Thesaurus Connect will benefit you, your clients and their employees. The client will have more control over payroll data and can create custom reports without having to request them. There is less admin work needed overall, meaning that the time saved can be spent on other important aspects of the business that need attention.

We recommend that you list all of the additional services that your client can benefit from by introducing Thesaurus Connect. They might want to use all of the features or others might want to select a few. Either way, it’s helpful to include everything as they might want to re-visit the features at a later date. The client could be saving money themselves as they could have been paying for a separate annual leave system that they can now get rid of as Thesaurus Connect includes one.

There are many ways that you can charge your clients for Thesaurus Connect. The top three options are:

  1. Charge per employee
  2. Charge set rate
  3. Include it in your payroll price and advertise as free

Charge per employee

As we have mentioned, Thesaurus Connect is billed based on the total number of active employees across all clients that you have linked to Connect (i.e., 1 client with 10 employees is billed the same as 10 clients with 1 employee each). You can pass this cost directly onto the client or you can set a fee per employee yourself.

Charge set rate 

Another popular option is to charge for Thesaurus Connect at a set rate. This means that you will charge your client a set amount, regardless of what features they use or how many employees they have on the payroll, as this may fluctuate.

Include in payroll cost 

Lastly, some bureaus will not charge their clients any extra for Thesaurus Connect. They feel that by offering additional services on top of their standard payroll service, will ensure that they are staying ahead of the competition and will increase customer retention and satisfaction as a knock-on effect.

By introducing Thesaurus Connect to your clients, you are giving them access to the great benefits of cloud technology. Integrate your payroll and HR processes to save time by eliminating manual data entries, using one system that caters for multiple processes. Book a 15-minute demo today to discover more about Thesaurus Connect.

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