Nov 2017


What's new for Thesaurus Payroll Manager

Payroll Bureaus

Thesaurus Payroll Manager 2018 is now available to purchase online. We’re delighted to introduce our new features that will help you get the very best payroll experience yet. Here’s a peek at a few changes we are very excited about:

Direct emailing of reports: Bureaus will have the ability to email key payroll reports and a single PDF document containing all employee payslips directly from within Thesaurus Payroll Manager. This will save you time each pay period for each client, compared to the work involved in exporting, saving the files and emailing them to clients.

Getting ready for PAYE Modernisation: PAYE Modernisation will be effective from 1st January 2019 allowing for PAYE reporting to be submitted to Revenue in real time. By operating in real time, Revenue can ensure that the correct tax deduction is being made at the right time for every employee. Thesaurus Payroll Manager will have full functionality to seamlessly handle PAYE Modernisation. We’ve already begun to work directly with Revenue to streamline the PAYE Modernisation process. Find out more.

Illness Benefit: Illness Benefit will be taxable through the P2C file from 1st January 2018 and this will result in more frequent P2Cs being issued for employees. 

Thesaurus Payroll Manager 2018 is getting ready for Illness Benefit changes and PAYE Modernisation:

  • Thesaurus Payroll Manager 2018 gives much more priority to the P2C download process, keeping a log of all imports and reminding you when P2Cs have not been imported.
  • To prepare you for the new reality, where payrolls will be required to be processed in real time, we have included a “Late Payrolls” button to help identify those payrolls that are falling behind.
  • Your own processes will probably need to be more streamlined with real time submissions, so we have added (and will continue to add) automated client emailing from within the software. The initial version of 2018 will include this for the payroll preview report, the payroll summary report and the P30 report.
  • The 2018 release will also include emailing of a single pdf document containing all payslips.
  • Towards the latter half of 2018, Revenue will ask you to submit a list of employees for each employer through ROS. The ability to prepare this file is also part of our initial 2018 release. 

We will bring you further updates throughout 2018, in many cases via free CPD webinars (which will also help with your structured CPD requirements). Register for our next free PAYE Modernisation webinars here.

Thesaurus Connect: Our latest cloud add-on introduces powerful features including:

  • Secure online backup.
  • Employee self-service to access payslips & request holiday leave.
  • Client dashboard to view payroll reports, annual leave requests and employee details.
  • HR & Annual Leave Management.
  • Bureau discounts up to 75%.


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Employee Gift Cards: In the last year, we’ve been working with OneforAll to offer your clients the ability to securely purchase gift cards for their employees. Orders are delivered in a plain envelope, addressed to the employer, with all gift cards enclosed. Find out more.

Payroll Journal Export: Export a payroll journal where your compatible files can be easily exported. Each payroll journal file is customised to the individual accounts software provider for easy upload.


End of year webinar

Our highly experienced support professionals have put together this free webinar covering the year end procedures within Thesaurus Payroll Manager.

Register 6 Dec | Register 23 Jan


Free PAYE Modernisation Webinar

PAYE Modernisation is probably the biggest overhaul of the PAYE system since PAYE itself was introduced back in 1960. It will have wide ranging effects on all employers across Ireland.

24 Jan - Employer Webinar | 25 Jan - Bureau CPD Webinar




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