May 2018


PAYE Modernisation - Understand how your payroll processing will change

The way you process your payroll is changing forever. PAYE Modernisation is a new system that is being introduced where all employers must comply and implement the new PAYE changes. From the 1st January 2019, your payroll will need to be processed in real time, where employers will be required to calculate and report their employees pay and deductions as they are being paid. This PAYE reform aims to make it easier for employers to pay the correct amount of income tax, PRSI, USC and local property tax and send these figures directly through to Revenue.

PAYE Modernisation will now become a part of the payroll process each pay period. Employers, payroll bureaus and accountants will need to review their current processes to meet the new requirements in January 2019. Join Thesaurus Software for a free webinar where we can peel back the new legislation and take you through how PAYE Modernisation will affect you and your payroll processing.

We are delighted to be joined by Sinead Sweeney, who is the PAYE Modernisation Change Manager for the Revenue Commissioners. Sinead is very much on the front line when it comes PAYE Modernisation and will also deliver a presentation from Revenue’s perspective.


  • An overview of PAYE Modernisation
  • Elimination of the P forms - P30, P60 P35, P46 and P45 forms
  • Recent updates and changes to PAYE Modernisation
  • How payroll software will handle real time processing
  • Making corrections in real time
  • Can PAYE Modernisation be processed manually?
  • Are you ready for "on or before" reporting?
  • The impact of PAYE Modernisation on employees
  • Bureau payroll: Communications and processes 
  • How Thesaurus Software and BrightPay are helping
  • Revenue presentation


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