Oct 2018


How to Master PAYE Modernisation

In January 2019 Revenue will begin to enforce a new Pay As You Earn system that will introduce real-time reporting of employee’s tax and other deductions directly to Revenue every time an employee is paid. This new system will be known as PAYE Modernisation.

Although the new system is expected to cause a lot of confusion, particularly for small and micro employers, PAYE Modernisation will seek to provide a much more accurate solution to the current PAYE system and ultimately benefit all employers and employees.

For over two decades, Thesaurus payroll software has supported businesses both large and small to pay hundreds of thousands of employees every month. At Thesaurus and BrightPay we are working directly with Revenue to make sure we’re ready for PAYE Modernisation. Our aim is to ensure the new PAYE process is a seamless and smooth process for our users.

Our development team have already experienced what it is like to implement real time processing and reporting in the UK. Our understanding and knowledge coupled with the reliability and maturity of Thesaurus payroll software will guarantee a user-friendly PAYE Modernisation experience.

We understand how stressful this change is going to be for payroll professionals and as a result, to help you get it right, Thesaurus have teamed up with a Revenue representative to bring you a series of webinars where you’ll gain the knowledge needed to comply with and master the new PAYE changes. Places are limited - secure your place today.

PAYE Modernisation: Key facts you must know to ensure 100% compliance.


  • An overview of PAYE Modernisation
  • Recent updates and changes to PAYE Modernisation
  • Can PAYE Modernisation be processed manually?
  • Elimination of the P forms - P30, P60 P35, P46 and P45 forms
  • Making corrections in real-time 
  • The role of payroll software
  • How PAYE Modernisation will affect small employers
  • The benefits of PAYE Modernisation for you
  • 10 step Checklist to PAYE Modernisation
  • How Thesaurus Payroll handles PAYE Modernisation

The Panel
Main presenter: Paul Byrne
Guest presenter: Sinead Sweeney
Guest presenter: Sandra Clarke

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