Nov 2018


How do you submit payroll information with PAYE Modernisation?

Ensure that you’re PAYE Modernisation ready, no matter how you currently manage or run your payroll.

Processing Payroll software In-house?

Ask your payroll software provider if they are PAYE Modernisation ready. It’s up to you to make sure you are using software that is legally compliant with the new PAYE system and that you have access to the support you need to submit PAYE information in real time. BrightPay is working with Revenue to make sure our payroll software can easily cater for the needs of PAYE Modernisation processing. Our software will streamline real time reporting so that employers can easily comply with the new PAYE system. In the UK market, we have already experienced what it was like to implement real time processing and PAYE reporting with BrightPay UK, meaning we have been down this road before and are experts!

Outsourcing Payroll?

Be mindful if you outsource your payroll processing as it is still your responsibility to comply with PAYE Modernisation. Ensure you understand how your payroll processor is complying with PAYE Modernisation and if you will need to make any changes to your business processes.

Manually Processing & Uploading?

Revenue are providing a facility for employers to manually upload payroll submissions which will be a time-consuming and error prone process. Revenue have strongly recommended that employers use payroll software. Using a manual approach, employers would need to login to ROS and enter all of the required details for all of their employees, a bit like manually completing a P35 each pay period. Also, before processing the payroll in any week, employers would need to religiously log in to ROS to get details of tax credits and cut-off points. This facility in ROS will only be available for employers with 5 or less employees. It should also be noted that the manual ROS input screens will not calculate taxes.

Are there any fines and penalties?

Non-compliant businesses can expects Revenue intervention. More information on penalties is expected to be confirmed in the coming months.

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