Setting up employees using an RPN (new users)

Thesaurus Payroll Manager facilitates the setting up of employees using the Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN). This is particularly useful if you are new to the software and have a number of employees to set up. First, add your company to the software by going to 'File > Add New Company'. Next, go to Process icon No. 2 – the RPN import utility. The software will automatically connect to Revenue’s systems and retrieve all available RPNs, which will then be displayed on the screen. When ready, click ‘Update’.

The screen that now appears for you will indicate that you have employees in the RPN who cannot be matched to any employee record in the software. To create employee records for these employees, click ‘Add some or all of these employees to the payroll’. On the next screen, indicate which pay frequency type you wish to add your employees to and move the employees across, as required. Click ‘Finish’ when complete. Employee records will now be created for the selected employees, which can then be accessed through Process icon No.1.

When setting up employees using an RPN, it is important to note that this will only bring in the information that is included in the RPN, e.g. the employee’s name, PPS number and revenue details. Further manual entry may thus be required in each employee record for employee information that is not included in the RPN e.g. the employee’s rate of pay, email address, bank details, additions, deductions and pension information. As a default, imported employees will also have their payment type set to ‘Cash’ and their PRSI class to A1 which can subsequently be changed for each employee as required.

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