Step 5: Distributing your payslips and paying your employees

Printing Payslips Once a pay period has been updated, the associated employee payslips will now be available for printing and emailing. Firstly, I will show you how to print your payslips. Select Process Icon number 7 or you can go to Payslips > Print/Email Payslips.

Choose the pay period of the payslips you wish to print. You can choose from historical as well as current payslips. Simply select the processed period from the drop-down list. Select the employees. You can do this individually by selecting the employee’s name or my clicking ‘Select All’. You can also select by Department if you have this utility set up within your payroll. Select the number of payslips you would like to print per employee. You can tick this box if you want to print the zero payment payslips from this pay period.

Choose the payslip type that you wish to print from the drop-down menu. The option available is 2 per page (high resolution), 2 per page (low resolution), payslip & cheque, laser security payslip, Irish language payslip. When ready to print, simply press ‘Print’ to send the payslips to your printer. Thesaurus Payroll Manager has a feature that allows you to batch print an employee’s historical payslips. To use this utility:

Select either the 2 per page (High Resolution) or 2 per page (Low Resolution) payslip type. Highlight an employee’s name Click ‘Print Employee History’ Indicate the period you wish to print and click Ok.

Emailing Payslips In order to avail of the email facility, email addresses for the employees and the employer must first be entered in the software. Passwords can also be set up for additional security. To enter an employee email address, go to Process Icon no. 1 or Employees > Add/Amend Employees. Select the employee.

Enter the email address to which the employee's payslip will be emailed. Enter a password. Click Update. The email utility in Thesaurus Payroll Manager does not use your own email account to send the payslips - instead payslips are sent directly via our Thesaurus email server. An employer email address is therefore required in the software so that the employer can receive a carbon copy of each email sent.

To enter the employer email address, go to File > Amend Company Details. The employer email address will be used as the ‘Reply-to’ email address. In the event that you don't wish to receive a carbon copy of each email sent, this feature can be turned off by ticking the box provided. To email finalised payslips, select Process ICON no. 7 or Payslips > Print/Email Payslips. Choose the pay period. Choose ‘Email payslips from the drop-down menu. All employee who has an email address entered in their employee record will be available for selection. Click on the individual employee names for whom you wish to email a payslip or choose “Select All” or select by department grouping.

Tick the box if you want to also email the zero payment payslips for the pay period selected. When ready, simply press ‘Email’ to email the payslips to your employees. All employee payslips can be emailed as one PDF document directly from the software to the Report Email Address entered within File > Amend Company Details. A password can also be entered here. To email, all employee payslips as one PDF document, go to Process ICON no. 7 or Payslips > Print/Email Payslips. Click 'Select All' > 'Email payslips as one PDF document' > 'Yes' to proceed

Payslip Workings A detailed payslip working, or calculation is available for every payslip. This feature provides a detailed explanatory step by step guide to the calculations behind the PAYE, USC and PRSI deductions made on each employee payslip. If required, the workings can be printed/emailed to an employee to explain their payslip in detail. To view Workings before updating the pay period, go to Process Icon No. 3 or go to Payslips> Weekly/Monthly/Fortnightly Input. Enter the employee's pay information, followed by Update File. This will provide you with a payslip preview.

Click "View PAYE, USC and PRSI workings" to display the workings behind the payslip you are previewing. The Workings will now be displayed on the screen. Press Print, if required. Once payslips are finalised, the Workings for any historical payslip can be printed or emailed by going to Payslips > Print/Email PAYE, USC and PRSI Workings Select the pay period which you wish to print/email the workings for and select the relevant employees. Choose Print or Email, as required. To batch print historical workings for an employee, Select Print from the drop down menu; Highlight the employee's name; Click Employee History; Indicate the period you wish to print from and click OK. Workings will then print from the period indicated to the most recent period processed.

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