Surf Accounts API Integration

Thesaurus Payroll Manager’s payroll journal feature allows users to create wage journals from the finalised payslips and upload them into Surf Accounts using API. To get started, go to Utilities > Surf Accounts > Login. Enter your Surf Accounts username and password in the fields provided, followed by ‘Sign in’.

In the event you have more than one company connected to your Surf Accounts credentials, simply select the applicable company you wish to post your journal to from the drop-down menu. Close the screen once completed. Once logged in, you are now ready to map your payroll data items to your relevant nominal account codes in Surf Accounts.

To do so, go to Utilities > Surf Accounts > Map nominal ledger. Your nominal account codes will be automatically retrieved from Surf Accounts. Several default nominal account code mappings, which specifically relate to Surf Accounts, will already be entered for you. If desired, these can be changed using the drop-down menus. A nominal account code can be used for multiple items.

If payments are made to directors, tick this box. Likewise, tick to indicate if you have pension deductions. Should you wish to post any of these pay items to alternate account codes, select the applicable accounts to post to, using the drop-down menus. For more detailed mappings, you can also enter some optional nominal account codes to map to. Click Next.

The following screen will allow you to specify the detailed mapping you require – although in most cases you can accept the mapping as proposed by Thesaurus Payroll Manger, which will have come from the answers you have input on the first screen. Click close once your mapping is completed.

Once the steps above have been completed, the mappings you have selected will be saved and remembered going forward when posting future journals to Surf Accounts. Enter the date range for the journal you wish to post. The journal will include records for all payslips, across all pay frequencies, with a pay date within the selected range.

Press ‘Prepare/View’ to preview and prepare your journal. The journal breakdown displayed can be printed if you wish. Click ‘Post’ to submit your payroll journal to Surf Accounts. Confirmation will be displayed on the screen to confirm successful upload into your Surf Accounts profile.

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