Step 2: Processing your payroll

Thesaurus Payroll Manager caters for the processing of payroll on a weekly, monthly, or fortnightly basis. The process is similar for all these pay frequencies so I will be highlighting a monthly payroll throughout this video. You can enter an employee’s pay in one of two ways: Gross Basis (pay before tax deductions) or Net Basis (take-home pay) If you pay your employees a GROSS Wage, then choose one of the following options: Process ICON no. 3 or Payslips > Monthly Input, or Payslips > Payroll Preview/ Quick Edit

Both entry screens give access to the same information. The Quick Edit option lists the employees in report format, where the user can simply select the employee by double-clicking on their name from the list and entering the pay details. The Monthly Input screen displays only one employee at a time. After entering the pay details the user will select “Update file” or "Next" to save the changes. Due to the nature of the Quick Edit screen, not all features that are available within the Monthly Input screen are available within the Quick Edit screen e.g. the option to enter a note on an employee's payslip. To use the Monthly Input utility, go to Process ICON no. 3 or Payslips > Monthly Input.

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Step 2: Processing your payroll

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