Thesaurus Connect - Overview

Thesaurus Connect is an add-on to Thesaurus Payroll Manager that introduces powerful new features.

Thesaurus Connect is not a "cloud version" of Thesaurus Payroll Manager – it does not allow you to completely manage or run your payroll online. Rather, Thesaurus Connect provides a way to connect your payroll data to the cloud to enable new features.

Firstly, Thesaurus Connect provides a secure and user-friendly way to backup and restore your payroll data on your PC to and from the cloud.

Secondly, Thesaurus Connect provides a web/mobile based self service dashboard for employees and employers to log in and access their payroll data.

There's a lot to it, all of which makes Thesaurus Connect an essential tool for keeping your payroll data safe and streamlining employee communications.


Thesaurus Connect enables employees to log in to their self-service portal using their computer, tablet or smartphone. Within the employee’s self service portal, employees can access and retrieve payslips and other documentation.

Employees can also use the self-service portal to view and update various personal information, such as phone number and postal address.

The self-service portal also includes an employee calendar, allowing employees to view past and scheduled leave, such as annual leave, sick leave, etc. Employees can request annual leave through the portal.


With Thesaurus Connect, employers can access an additional layer of data. Employers can access the payslips, calendars and information of all employees in the employer data file.

If an employee requests annual leave via their self-service portal, the employer will get a notification to approve or reject the leave request. In doing so, the employee will instantly get confirmation of the leave, and the leave will be added to the employee's calendar in both the employee and employer portals.

Reporting is also integrated with Thesaurus Connect. Reports can be viewed from within the employer self-service portal, allowing employers to access reports on the go anytime. 

With Thesaurus Connect, you can also safely and securely back up your payroll data to the cloud at any time. Thesaurus Connect maintains a chronological history of your backups. You can restore or download any of the backups to your PC at any time. You can restore a backup onto your existing PC (e.g. to roll back your employer data file to a previous version), or you can simply download a backup onto a new computer (e.g. to get up and running right where you left off).

Employers also have the ability to grant access to other users such as their accountant, bookkeeper or other co-workers.


For accountants, bookkeepers and payroll bureaus who offer payroll services to a number of clients, Thesaurus Connect brings additional benefits.

Along with all the employer functionality stated above, Thesaurus Connect provides bureaus with a multi-company platform. Multiple users can also be granted access to these companies, if required. 

Thesaurus Connect enables payroll bureaus to provide an online portal, not only for their client’s employees, but also an employer portal for direct use by their clients. This employer portal can be branded with the bureau's details, and enables the employer to view payroll reports, P30s, employee calendars, all employee information and more.

Please note:  although Thesaurus Connect allows payroll information to be stored online, the payroll software itself is still desktop based.

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