The Central Statistics Office are conducting quarterly earnings survey which will eventually replace all other short-term earnings surveys currently being carried out by the CSO. The survey covers all sectors of the economy with the exception of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing.  



The Earnings, Hours & Employment Costs Survey enables the Central Statistics Office to compile regular and timely labour cost indices for the purpose of monitoring change in labour costs in Ireland and across the European Union.


  • To access this report go to Utilities > CSO - EHECS


Please complete the following mandatory fields:


  • Enter CSO Enterprise Number in box provided

  • Choose Quarter

  • Enter Contact Name

  • Enter Phone number

  • Enter Email address

  • Enter Position in the company

  • Enter Date

  • Enter Comment if applicable


Other fields that may need to be completed if applicable:


  • Employer's liability insurance premiums paid in quarter (No longer required by the CSO - leave field blank)
  • Training costs (excluding apprentice/trainee wages) (No longer required by the CSO - leave field blank)
  • Recruitment costs (No longer required by the CSO - leave field blank)
  • Training subsidies received (e.g. Fás) 
  • Other subsidies received (e.g. IDA employment subsidies)
  • Maternity leave, sick leave or other leave hours paid for all full time & part time employees (No longer required by the CSO - leave field blank)
  • Apprentice/Trainee hours paid
  • Income continuance insurance
  • Redundancy payments
  • Number of job vacancies at end of quarter


Once all appropriate fields are complete:

  • Click Prepare

  • Click Save

  • Click OK

  • The contents of the EHECS file will be displayed in your Internet browser together with a detailed explanation of each statistic. You are now ready to upload the EHECS file online, simply logon to the CSO secure deposit box - Go to

  • Click Print for a file copy of your EHECS Report





Go to > Click Login


  • Enter Username (Username is case sensitive)
  • Enter Password (Password is case sensitive)
  • Click drop down arrow next to CSO Survey Name
  • Select Earnings, hours & employment cost survey form (EHECS)
  • Click Browse
  • Select C: drive
  • Open CSO folder
  • Select survey - normally in the format EN12345678_2017_1_10042015170023.xml
  • Add any comments you wish to send with the attached file
  • Click Lodge Data button to complete data lodgement of EHECS



Need help? Support is available at 01 8352074 or

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