Import Hours from Text or CSV File




To access this utility go to Utilities > Import Hours>  from text file

The import file name must be wimport.txt

Within this utility, simply click 'Find Import File' in order to browse to the drive and folder where the import file has been saved to.

The option 'Get Employee List' will provide you with a list of your employees (on the pay frequency you are currently in) and their corresponding works number. It will also indicate which employees have been issued with a P45. This list can be copied to Excel via the clipboard and sorted as desired.

The import file detail is shown to the user on a similar grid.

There is no checking that the names/works numbers are correct. It is up to the user to determine that the works numbers on the import data file match the works numbers of the corresponding employees in the payroll. The employee works numbers are shown on the grid.


The file spec

ascii text file - zero filled

bytes name

02 period - week or month number

04 employee number

06 Standard hours (123.56)

06 hours x 1.5 (123.56)

06 double time (123.56)

02 weekly or monthly marker (1 is weekly, 2 is monthly)

06 hours x 1.3333

30 filler

02 carriage return/line feed

total record size is 64 bytes






To access this utility go to Utilities > Import Hours > from CSV file


The file spec

Works No, Hours at standard rate, at time & half, at double time, at time & third








To record fractional hours then these should be shown in decimal format



The above would record 40 1/2 standard hours for employee with the works number 1


Click 'Locate File' and the grid will populate with the contents of the chosen CSV file

Click 'Validate' and the program will see if it can match works numbers with employees

Click 'Import' when you are happy that it is OK to import

The hours imported will be used when you next update the payroll.

Need help? Support is available at 01 8352074 or

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