Fortnightly Input






Weekly, monthly and fortnightly gross to net payments can be processed through 2 sections of the payroll software. Simply choose the option you prefer.


Quick Edit

This utility allows you to amend an employee's pay details, additions & deductions and tax status within one screen. It facilitates fast, effective processing of Gross to Net payroll. Illness Benefit, however, can NOT be entered in this utility n- Go to Payslips > Weekly/Monthly Input > Illness Benefit


Weekly/Monthly/Fortnightly Input

This utility allows you to amend an employee's pay details, additions & deductions, Holiday Pay, Illness Benefit etc. Once amendments have been made you can click Update and view a preview of the employee's payslip. The employee's Tax Status can NOT be amended in this utility - Go to Employees > Add/Amend > select employee > amend tax status in Revenue Details




To access this utility go to Payslips > Fortnightly Input





  • Select Employee's Name
  • If you wish to enter payments by department, select department name
  • If an employee is paid by the hour, please ensure the hourly rate (amend if necessary) is correct then enter the following:

                        Standard Hours

                        Time & a half if applicable

                        Time & a third if applicable

                        Double time if applicable

                        Overtime - Enter over time rate & no of hrs worked if applicable

  • If an employee is paid a fortnightly basic- enter fortnightly basic
  • If you wish to enter a note on the employee's payslip, enter note now in the box provided
  • Click Additions & deductions tab to input or amend Additions & deductions for an employee OR Update file if there are no further amendments




Input or amend additions and/or deductions


Taxable Additions (Commission, bonus etc)

  • Enter Description of Taxable Addition i.e. commission, back dated pay etc.
  • Enter Amount


Non-Taxable Additions (Subsistence, Mileage etc)

  • Enter Description of the Non-Taxable Addition i.e. subsistence, mileage etc.
  • Enter Amount


Allowable deductions (Pensions)
  • Enter Amount for employee's contribution in the box provided
  • Enter Amount for employer's contribution in the box provided


Please Note: If you wish to enter a percentage pension, AVC (Additional Voluntary Contribution) NECI Pension or CWPS (CIF) Pension - Go to Employees > Add/Amend employee details > Deductions > Click F1 for help


Non Allowable Deductions (union fees, loan etc)

  • Enter Description of Non allowable deductions i.e. union fees, loan etc.
  • Enter Amount 




Illness Benefit need only be completed if the employee is out sick and qualifies for Illness Benefit the Dept. of Social Protection. Employers should assume all employees out more than six consecutive days qualify for the full rate of Illness Benefit.


Enter the information required to account for Illness Benefit:

  • Tick if the employee is on sick leave for more than 6 days

  • Tick if you are paying the employee while on sick leave if applicable

  • Enter the amount of Illness Benefit the employee qualifies for in this pay period

  • Tick if you, the employer, are receiving the Illness Benefit either directly from the DSP or indirectly from the employee.


See Illness Benefit Help option for more information 


Before processing pay details entered, it is important to preview the payroll for the pay period.
  • Click Payslips
  • Click Payroll Preview/Quick Edit
  • Check each employee's pay details carefully to ensure they are correct
  • ** beside an employee's name, indicates that the employee's pay details are different from the previous pay period
  • Click Close when check is complete 


Before proceeding, it is important to ensure that the payroll details entered for each employee are correct. This utility will process those payments.
  • Click Payslips
  • Click Update payslips
  • Enter Payment date
  • Click Update
It is very important to take a backup to an external drive in order to protect your payroll. Taking a backup to an external drive ensures that your payroll is saved elsewhere and can be used to reinstate your payroll if you have PC breakdown or crash.
We strongly recommend NOT taking a backup to the C: drive as this does NOT protect your payroll software.
  • Select location to backup payroll files i.e. memory stick, network drive etc.
  • Click Backup 




Click the down arrow and choose the payslips type you wish to use


2 per page high resolution

This is the most popular payslip type. This colour payslips prints onto blank A4 paper or to pre-printed laser payslips supplied by Thesaurus Software.

2 per page low resolution

This black & white payslip prints onto blank A4 paper or to pre-printed laser payslips supplied by Thesaurus Software.

Cheque & Payslip

This requires out-sourced Pre-Printed Stationery and prints a cheque at the top of the page and the payslip at the bottom.  

Payslip & Cheque

This requires out-sourced Pre-Printed Stationery and prints a cheque at the bottom of the page and a payslip at the top. 

Print to HTML file

This utility exports payslips to a html file which you can email as a total file (htmlslip.html) or to each individual employee (employee's name.html). The email recipient may print the payslip using their internet browser.

Laser Security Payslip

This requires pre-printed stationery and prints a payslip which converts into a sealed window envelope, showing the employee's name and address in the window. These payslips are provided by Thesaurus Software, please check our website for more detail -

Email payslips

A new feature allows the easy email of payslips to employees seamlessly directly from the payroll to the employee.

This email facility does not use your own Email account to send these payslips, they are sent directly via the Thesaurus server, without the requirement for the sender to access their email account.

Therefore a list of emailed payslips is not created, for this reason the employer should add their email address to their company details to whom a copy of each emailed payslip will be sent. 

To set up this carbon copy (cc) email address go to

File> Amend Company Details>

Enter the email address, this can be amended at any time.

To set up the email address of an employee to which the payslip will be emailed go to

Employees> Add/Amend Employees>

Select the employee

Enter the email address to which the employees payslip will be emailed.

Enter a password agreed with the employee in order to secure the payslip upon delivery.


If you would like to print/email payslips by department - click the down arrow to select relevant department
Click Select All
Click Print




If you wish to print payslip history for an employee: 

  • Select payslip type - you can chose either 2 per page high resolution or 2 per page low resolution
  • Highlight Employee name
  • Click Print Employee History
  • Indicate the period you wish to print from, payslips will print from the period indicated to the most recent period processed



Need help? Support is available at 01 8352074 or

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