Delete Feature Payroll

Once the Feature Payroll menu is accessed it takes precedence over the Payslip entry screens.

Should you activate Feature Payroll in error (or merely to evaluate it) then you will find that the main payroll entered via the Payslip menu will not update.

Should you wish to deactivate the Feature Payroll you must deactivate the Feature Payroll function by using the "Delete Feature" option.  The Feature payroll can always be reactivated at a later stage if required, however, the payroll should not be switched from one payroll method to another throughout the year.

Please note that once the Feature Payroll is deactivated then all entries into the Feature Payment and Deduction setup are deleted and must be re-entered should you wish to return to the Feature Payroll function.

To deactivate the Feature Payroll go to Employees > Feature Payroll > Delete Feature

Read the on screen warnings carefully before proceeding:

If you accidentally entered the Feature payroll information and now wish to revert to normal input then this option will allow you to delete feature details. Please be aware that once you have deleted the information there is NO WAY that the information can be recalled.

Please indicate if you wish to leave this option or delete the feature information. Deleting feature information will not affect employee details relating to Tax, PRSI etc. It will only remove feature options.

Ø   To Confirm you want to delete Feature Click Delete Feature
Ø   You will receive a final warning, click OK to continue deleting the Feature setup
Ø   To cancel and not delete Feature Click Close


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